Street Fighter II Vs IV Combo Comparison

About 15 years ago you couldn't set foot into an arcade without elbowing your way through a bustling throng of Street Fighter II experts. Hell you might have been one yourself. Maybe you missed the arcade takeover and caught the games on SNES or PlayStation years later. Either way, you spent hours honing your combos to laser-like precision. But since those glory days, chances are your animation-interrupting attacks have softened somewhat, and with Street Fighter IV poised to reignite the flame, you'll need to know what still works and what doesn't.

Games Radar took a trip down to Capcom's SF-laden HQ and spent two solid hours comparing combos in Street Fighter IV. They compared them to the SNES Street Fighter II' Turbo (arguably the one most gamers know best) and then again in Street Fighter IV.

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I think chun li's been eating all the pies in this one

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i wouldnt like those thighs wrapped around my neck[ouch].game is lookin great though.