Ten Wii Predictions

GamingNexus has come up with ten predictions for the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Wii. They cover some of the obvious ones like the sunlight rumor and the online service as well as some more obscure ones like the impact on the supply of SD cards

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PS360WII6181d ago

why doesn't he just say I don't like Nintendo

eepiccolo6181d ago

Read the begining of the article: "For the humor impaired these are written with tongue firmly in cheek so no need to bust out the pitch forks and torches if something below offends you."

PS360WII6181d ago

or foot in mouth. It was all hate eepiccolo


Ben 10 Omniverse - God of War for Kids

Ben 10 Omniverse wasn't the first Ben 10 videogame, but it was a landmark title for actually making a decent game of a children's license.


Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - Wonderful Co-Op Hamstrung by Aging Tech

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is one of the greatest co-op platformers ever made, and can still be played on modern consoles & PCs.


F-Zero 99 is Peak Nintendo, But Not the F-Zero We Wanted

F-Zero 99 is a fantastic new way to play the franchise, but it falls far short of a new game built for modern hardware.

PRIMORDUS5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I would have loved a F-Zero GX remake, not remaster, or a brand new F-Zero game.😞

Agent755d ago

The problems with that are it'd probably weigh in at a full price game and it wouldn't include the AX tracks that are weirdly in the GameCube version but can't be accessed.

PRIMORDUS4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Actually I thihk you can get the AX tracks but it's really hard to do it.
But I think you might still need to find the arcade of AX, that would be nearly impossible today. There is hope, there is a rom hack for the GC rom that has all the AX tracks in there. 😁 Just search for: F-Zero AX Direct Boot

Abear214d ago

This. Why Nintendo won’t fan service us with this and give Wave Race the same treatment is beyond me. Switch 2 launch games would sell them out of consoles, but we’ll prolly just get another Mario because they figure that’s enough. Sadly, they are correct.

Soy4d ago

If you want more F-Zero, make sure to give this one some love then.

sadraiden4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Was Tetris 99 a new game built for modern hardware? What about Mario 99?

Does this person not know that Fzero 99 is built on the SNES title? Were they actually expecting a brand new Fzero game? hahahahaha
Also, what's with all of the spammy ass tags?