Tweaktown: GeForce 9800 GX2 in Quad SLI Tested

Tweaktown writes:

"Officially, Quad SLI isn't due out till the 25th, so there is still a high chance that NVIDIA have another driver up their sleeves. We can see that we just couldn't play Crysis at 1920 x 1200 which is a bit of a bummer due to the fact that at medium I think we could have pulled out some decent numbers.

Crysis numbers were just literally draw dropping at medium. At one point, myself and the owner of iBuyPower managed to see the counter in Crysis get to 120FPS. We also saw Test 5 of 3DMark06 get 270FPS when we started to mess around with the system a bit more."

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hitthegspot3954d ago

I still have my 3DFX sli cards...

Tyrael3954d ago

it seems like nothing on the market can handle crysis at maxed out settings... this game is going to really put the pedal to the metal in terms of GPU advancement over the next year or so.

INehalemEXI3954d ago

My rig also runs it on max settings and my screen is 50" Used to have 2 8800 GTS in sli. Now I use just 1 and still I run Crysis on max settings with very little issues.

ElfShotTheFood3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Luckily it still looks pretty damn impressive at lower settings. ;)

This game reminds me of when Unreal came out nearly 10 years ago: no system at the time could really handle it in its full glory. Once the hardware caught up, it was an eye-candy festival everyone could enjoy.

Tyrael3954d ago

are you sure? everyone else seems to tell me they can't get it to run on very high with AA and the highest resolution at a decent framerate... what hardware specs are you running?

moses3954d ago

You're obviously then not running it on very high with AF and AA maxed, or a high resolution.

INehalemEXI3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Thats my rig built it awhile ago and it has run crysis on max settings for some time now.

Here is a video showing a newer lap top running Crysis thanks to the 8800M GTX.

moses3953d ago

2 640 8800 GTS's arn't going to max out crysis at a decent resolution with AA and AF on very high. If the two 9800GX2's in this article managed an average 41fps on 1600x1200 very high (no idea of the AA/AF) what makes you think two 8800 GTS's or one inferior 8800 M can max out crysis? If what you mean by "max out" crysis is just to have everything on very high, you can "max out" crysis by playing on very high 800x600 with a 8600GTS.

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benihya3954d ago

when I see product like this I said thank god i moved to console.
no matter how much you spend you will never have the best image.

get a console and open a savings account and you will happy like meeeee

TheIneffableBob3954d ago

Blah blah blah troll troll troll.

kornbeaner3954d ago

What your not grasping is the scope of what can be done with a PC.
You can literally make your PC run better by adjusting settings, you cant do that on a console. If a Dev makes a game on a console and it staggers to be consistent at 30fps, guess what your stuck with that.
On PC if you have a decent setup, you can still get a great looking game running at a good framerate if you know what to tweak, what to turn off, what to enhance, ETC.

People who stick to console gaming and claim it to be the end all of gaming are not true gamers. If you can't keep up with the price tag of PC gaming thats one thing we all have bills to pay and lives to live, but PC gaming just grants so many more options then that of a console.
Not only can you make mods for maps, but with the right knowledge you can mod the game itself. PC's are meant for the hardcore, money wise and knowledge wise if your not ready for that kind've of experience that fine, but to claim console gaming is far superior, you sir are mistaken in more ways then 1.

This coming from a person who does most of his gaming on consoles.

Keep gaming and stop flaming.


Silvia0073954d ago

This is getting really pathetic. I don't want to add more cards to be badass, I just need one nice card that'll do the work of 4 cards. Graphics companies are getting frigg'n lazy!!! Come on, give us something decent and not all these SLI BS. Why the hell does my computer need a 1 kilowatt power supply? Seriously, it's crazy.

d3l33t3954d ago

yeah its getting really dumb, not to mention your power bill becomes the size of a phone book.

ElfShotTheFood3954d ago

Four video cards is overkill for most users, but people who do lots of demanding visual work like graphic design, animation, and video editing would probably get the most use out of a quad-SLI setup.

Tempist3954d ago

The graphics card industry is quickly moving away from power optimisation... This getting sad and pathetic. Crysis should not have to have 4 graphics cards to make it run better. The game should be optimised to run with at most a SLi configuration.

Unless you're rendinging for Pixar, this is fivilous and wasteful.

kornbeaner3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Actually graphic design, animators and video editors have their own cards on the market for their specific needs. these cards are really only meant for gaming. While they can be used for all mentioned above, that will only be useful for a hobbyist in those fields. true, these cards will certainly help in more ways than gaming, but professionals buy cards that are well in the range of over $2500.00 and for some cards thats just the starting price.


True, I too find it wasteful that a game or any one hobby will demand so much power, but it's just the world we live in now. does anybody really need these cards?? NO!.

But a young single male doesn't need a $40,000 truck that only gets 12 MPG with 26inch $10,000 rims but they still buy them. Why?? for the same reason most buy these cards, To brag about what they have. To each their own right.

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INehalemEXI3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Sure bragging is fun but its all about running those games that are so demanding smoothly.

I built my rig because I was an MMO Junkie and wanted to play VGSoH and my current pc was running the beta at 2-4 fps. So I had to build it bigger , faster , stronger. :D Crysis was a reason I built as well. Crysis code is in need of some work with patches it should run smoother on max settings. VGSoH is also in need of patches in a major way.
Nvidia has a power optimization setting now where you can use your on board gpu when just browsing the web or doing every day computing. Which saves alot of power.