Console Me: Top 10 Podcasts for Gamers

Podcasts have become one of the best ways to learn about games and rumours, and specifically, how our favorite game editors feel about particular games and events in the industry. Not only are all the podcasts that made the cut on this list informative, but they are funny, sometimes to point of laughing out loud (which believe me is embarrassing when you are walking up the street by yourself). And now, drum roll please…the top 10 podcasts for gamers!

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crunchie1013861d ago

why hasn't anyone commented on this yet?

Anyway, I pretty much agree with this article, except I would put Podcast Beyond above Three Red Lights, simply because you can pretty much shout along to it: "beyond!", "time for some news!" "reader mail, mailcall, chainmail, malefemale" etc.