Next PS3 firmware one more reason to buy console as Blu-Ray player

For many people, Sony's oft-maligned PlayStation 3 video game console had one no-doubt-about-it selling point: When it launched, it was by far the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market.

That's no longer true, what with plenty of low-cost players flooding the market now that Blu-Ray has effectively vanquished HD DVD as the next-generation playback standard.

But with its announcement of a forthcoming PS3 firmware upgrade, Sony has once again given consumers a reason to buy the console for little more than its Blu-Ray capabilities.

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eagle214834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

Instead of just being honest about the content of an article, some author's like to lure you in, then serve the lime green slime once your in. The PS3 is the system to buy now. And his love fest with inferior technology is an embarassment to the game industry.

Yes, The Blu-ray update is awesome. If Sony didn't update, this same author would write against it. Instead, he uses a awesome positive as a negative spin to make him feel good about his wack purchases.

PS3 is making a lot of people who had so much to say last year look so dumb. So until those however million 360 owners (some of which bought 2) can finally get their hands on a {PS3), we will see this F.U.D. But consumer's won't. :) they will go buy what they want and makes them happy. :)

proArchy4834d ago

agreed. if you have to insult consumer electronics in the past tense aren't you better off just keeping your mouth shut? still, its kinda amusing watching them try soooo hard to squeeze the last drops of negativity they can out of the PS3's bumpy start. some people just love to hate :D

DRUDOG4834d ago

When will people learn that Sony took a gamble that paid off and now look genius for adding BD? One of the "side" selling points for my PS3 purchase was the fact that it would play HD movies. It meant that I didn't have to go out and purchase a separate, expensive (as fack) player. My gaming console came with one!

Content is so important and staking the claim that your console is the only one that can play HD movies (not d/l's & in a format that isn't dead) is kind of important. Anyone purchasing a PS3 knows it plays games. We also know that the BD is allowing dev's to create 50gb games, something else no other game console can claim.

What cracks me up about this turd from cnet is that the news was released on the playstation blog. Gamers are reading that blog, PS3 owners are reading that blog. People interested in BD only are not reading that blog. What am I getting at? The people reading that information and wanting that information are gamer's and they already know about the games.

Ironically, people on the blog were actually complaining that Sony hadn't added more support for particular media and audio. They wanted more of this type of support in the firmware. Nobody was complaining that this news was only about BD and not games.

TheMART4834d ago


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doodle4834d ago

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Superiorrior4834d ago

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Sez 4834d ago

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Kaz Hirai4834d ago

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doodle4834d ago

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Gam714834d ago

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Snukadaman4834d ago

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Maddens Raiders4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

a former Iraqi communications officer named, "Bob".

Who was the first person to approve this rubbish? Oh nvmd. This is pure comedy gold. 8D

aiphanes4834d ago

How is the PS3 a bastereds child or a lemon?

It is the best bluray player and will be the best video game system of all time after 2008 is over and done with.

Do not get me wrong the Xbox will get Gears of war 2...but you can only squeeze so much goodness on a DVD-9 disc...i am amazed they did it with GTA4.

le killer4834d ago

don't be amazed that managed to get gta on a dvd-9, as i'm sure things like that are proof that blu-ray still is'nt needed for games. the only thing that is amazing is the amount of people that believed blu-ray was/is needed! blu-ray for games is a bonus, not a necessity. pc games are still going strong, and nothing get's mentioned about them!

and the person who said that after 2008 ps3 will be the greatest console ever!! lol, let's just wait and see ey. it's a bit early to call!

Bloodshedder4834d ago

i bought a ps3
and i love sex!

Phil Harrison Mk44834d ago

Not with the PS3 i hope! ;-D It is sexy tho!;)

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