Nintendo Planning 'Biggest Ever' Marketing for Wii Fit Launch

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has revealed that Nintendo of America is planning the biggest marketing support in its history for the upcoming launch of Wii Fit.

"It suggests to me that the marketing will be broad-based and mainstream, meaning beyond the normal online and game magazine ads. My guess is we will see advertising on TV during American Idol, Oprah, etc. as opposed to ads on MTV during Punk'd," he told GameDaily BIZ.

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Jack Bauer3867d ago

bigger than halo 3? i mean come on, it had its own soda!!

meepmoopmeep3867d ago

lmao... do the deeeewwwww!

BrotherNick3867d ago

I liked that soda too. Well anyways I don't think we'll see any marketing on g4 or gaming sites lol.

crck3867d ago

Wii Sissy. Comes with a tutu and a velcro strap to attach the wiimote. Where you too can prance around in the magical faerie kingdom.

v1c1ous3867d ago

spend wiifit advertising money on good 3rd party game advertising so people can buy good games.


wiifit will sell itself to the casuals.

don't let more zak and wiki's occur please :(

if Monster Hunter brand falls or has any issues because of this i swear....

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