Windows Vista SP1 Gaming Performance

This is an area where HCW is not sure exactly what to expect. Knowing that SP1 includes an update to DirectX 10 (bringing it to 10.1), but today's games barely make use of DX10 in the first place; in most cases, it's a better idea to use DX9 mode to attain playable framerates.

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Rice4493d ago

WOW, i thought it would do more...

TheMART4493d ago

So when is SP3 for XP coming out? I am curious how that will run, they said 10% faster performance or something like that

pwnsause4493d ago

the beta is installed on my inspiron 9300, it runs very fast, on counter strike source I had the game running on 80fps 1024x768 on high settings before sp3, after sp3, 120fps.

TheMART4493d ago

Well not sure if I'll install the beta or just wait for the final version... That's why I am curious when it'll release officially. Anyone?

TheIneffableBob4493d ago

It's rumored to release within the next week.

I'm using XP SP3 RC2 (close to final version) right now and it runs great. Some things don't work such as my mouse poll rate changer (since it doesn't recognize the SP3 version name), but pretty much everything else works fine. I've noticed a decent increase in speed and stability is pretty much the same. The only crash I've had was when I repeatedly inserted and pulled out a USB thumb drive from the USB port on my chassis' front panel.