First BAJA In-Game Xbox 360, PS3 Screenshots

Check out the first in-game screenshots from THQ's upcoming BAJA racer.

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cooljmac3864d ago

Looks like another ATV type game. I thought I was going to have to buy 2 off road racers this year. Nope only one. Motorstorm 2.

marinelife93864d ago

Everything THQ makes is garbage. Why would I play this game over Motorstorm 1 or 2?

InYourMom3864d ago

for these types of games can be so deceiving but looks "meh" so far. We don't need more multiplatform garbage. If they can't reach a level like Motorstorm has then don't even bother with these ATV type games.

Spinner3864d ago

Wow that game looks like ass, it has nothing on Motorstorm.