Evil Avatar: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Review

Evil Avatar writes: "
While Tiger Woods from EA Sports has a corner on the PGA License and golf simulation - Sony and Clap Hanz has their own entry into the world of golf with the Hot Shots Series. If you are unfamiliar with the previous titles, Hot Shots Golf gives you an arcade like golfing experience that's easy for anyone to pick up and play. Bright colors and flamboyant cartoon like characters with wide eyes set the stage for an off beat golf game."

The Good:
+ Simple yet addictive Gameplay
+ Plenty of Unlockables
+ Good variety of courses

The Bad:
- Online play is can be annoying with wait times
- No character customization

The Ugly:
- 13 minute, 4 gigabyte install process
- Forcing people to use Advanced Shot for Single Player

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PS360WII3867d ago

I haven't been forced to use advanced shot for single player yet I am upset about no character customizing. That was the best part of the psp version