Top 10 things we want to see at the Xbox Reveal writes, "In less than 24 hours, Microsoft will be unveiling their successor to the Xbox 360 and detailing their next-generation plans. While we’ve seen rumor after after regarding the Next Xbox, we’ll finally have our first concrete news on the system regarding it’s name, features, and most likely a few games."

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Chaostar2161d ago

Another separate page for every single point article, here's the list for people who don't want to click on principle:

1. System Reliability
2. Show us the console & controller
3. Exclusive games not featuring Kinect
4. Always-on controversy
5. Improvements to Xbox Live
6. Share button / livestreaming partnership with Twitch
7. Respawn’s new IP
8. Indie & Arcade development
9. Subsidized pricing model
10. Next Xbox user interface

Software_Lover2161d ago

I really dont care for a share button. If it's there it's there but, really? People want the facebook and youtube hits I guess. I'm sure some privacy clause will be implemented, as with Sony.

There is already indie and Arcade development. A new interface goes without saying, no?

guitarded772161d ago

Wow... a top 10 list in ONLY 11 pages. Amazing! Show the games... that's the most important bit. I would like a "share" button though, like the PS4. I love sharing screenshots and gameplay vids... it needs to be accessible on consoles too. PC has had it built in for forever, and Miiverse has been fun to use on Wii U. Now that PS4 will have the feature, I want to see this on XBOX too. The feature should become universal next generation.

turgore2161d ago

Doubt they will show respawn's next game. They are already showing COD ghost, so Activision might not like that.

FYI respawn is made from ex-employees from Infinity Ward.

AO1JMM2161d ago

System reliability? How do you show that at a reveal? Do explain.....

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Lionheart3772161d ago

I think Microsoft will, in fact, show the console. Even if it's just as a "take that, Sony!" move.

matrixman922161d ago

if they didnt, Major Nelson would come off as a hypocrite. He criticized Sony for not showing the console immediately after it was over. I would say its safe to assume this reveal will be mostly the console itself...then games at E3

Software_Lover2161d ago

The only problem with that is, although he is a prominent figure on the xbox scene, does he make major decisions?

B1663r2161d ago

Words like hypocrite are generally reserved for matters of importance. Particularly as it relates to actions, rather than words...

If you wanted to use a term like "mildly inconsistent" I think that would be fair.

But hypocrite... I don't think you understand the severity of the word...

DeadIIIRed2161d ago

Which would clear the way for Sony to reveal their console at E3 and help them steal the show.

Lucreto2161d ago

They only have an hour that really isn't very long for Microsoft. To introduce the hardware, proclaim their vision for it, and one of the games they'll be showing off is CoD: Ghosts, which couldn't be more multiplatform if it tried.

Jek_Porkins2161d ago

They'll show off 3 or 4 games, although I suspect they'll save 99% of the games for E3, I'd want any surprises to be shown there. Microsoft can get huge ups by just showing the console, people will want to see it, see games running on it.

They don't have to do a show just like Sony's, which was a little long at times, just tell us about the box, show it, show some games and features. Boom! #XboxReveal

ichimaru2161d ago

I agree, they have to show more than 1 or 2 games

greenpowerz2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

They can show the console with various game features using some games.
The more important thing is MSFT can finally talk about non critical E3 720 topics/news/info from Tuesday on out.

MSFT has launched new xbox websites designed to inform gamers of what is going on with Xbox to continuing share info after the reveal event.

Devs and MSFT will be able talk about it, that is what is important. Being relieved about the time allowed for the event is pointless and weak damage control on your part.

There will be many behind the scenes and post event interviews already queued up.

The way MSFT is doing this is they are going to have the formal event for TV/Web broadcasts/ Time Square etc. They will have post events and interviews with media. Expect the reveal event to be the tip of the iceburge for the reveal alone for the following days.

FITgamer2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I was gonna say the same their reveal is only hour, not gonna be too much to see. The 360 reveal was like 30 minutes and the only game i can remember them showing was Perfect Dark Zero. Sony's reveal was just over 2 and there is still a lot we don't know.

Jek_Porkins2161d ago

10 things is asking for a lot at an Xbox reveal, but I have a few things I'd like to see.
1.The console itself at the very end
2.The controller and camera
3.I want to see some games actually running on the new Xbox, not a PC with similar specs
4.Deny DRM+No used games
5.The interface of the new Xbox Live and some features.

DevilishSix2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

As long as games can be played off-line and used games are not locked out then I will bite when there are games I want. Still I will be waiting probably until the following summer, because I do not trust MS after the RROD fiasco (I was there at 360 launch day and had a few burn out). I want to see if gamers are having problems the first six months. I have a back log of games to last me a year.

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