Sony PS3 Price Tag Too High?

Oct. 18 - KGO - All eyes are on San Francisco as Sony prepares to launch its newest game console, the PS3. Ahead of Sony's big announcements tomorrow, there are parties galore -- a celebration for Bay Area companies that have been preparing for a new generation of games.

Electronic Arts is the world's leading video game publisher, based on the Peninsula in Redwood Shores. The company is having a private party tonight to show off its new games for the PS3. The PS3 launches next month, but EA is already showing off four games that display PS3's next generation technology. The PS3 will be cutting edge and a little bit pricey. It's sure to usher in a new battle over video game supremacy.

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Bill Gates5894d ago


blah, blah, blah....

now get over it. If you don't like the price, don't buy one. But regardless of what your simple mind thinks, this hardware is worth every pen-eeeeeeeee.

shortyNZ5894d ago

that sounds like a sony mind trick lol, im sure it will be a good console but it leaves alot of poor people opting for cheaper consoles, so higher price will equal lower sales, and alot of people will just wait like 2 yrs or how ever long it will take for the ps3 price to drop, some think its worth that price fair enough, but it kinda puts me totally puts me off, and if there is ever a ps4 how much will that cost? close to 2k im thinking!

zypher5894d ago

"It's twice the cost of rival game consoles made by Microsoft and Nintendo."

um, PS3's biggest rival is the 360, which costs $299 and $399 respectively. so, unless PS3 is now $599 and $799 respectively, then this article is severely misleading.

Marriot VP5894d ago

True, but wait a few months and he's right.

Yah I know it's obvious but it's coming probably after Christmas.

macncheese5893d ago

Lest us not forget the dreaded BUNDLE PACK. With it's all inclusive everything you'll need and 10 games you already have on 360 format...All for $$$ 1,250 $$$$$ PLUS $$ 55 $$
for next day shipping! OUCH...

BIadestarX5894d ago

Lets give the price issue a rest. I can't wait for the PS3 launch day for good or worst.


" "Six hundred dollars for the system, and then you've got, if you want to get two games, that's another $120 bucks, maybe another joystick, whatever, you're talking easily, you can get into the thousand-dollar range."

$600+$120+$60=$780! need math class

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The story is too old to be commented.