PlayStation 4 might get speech recognition

A new job listing at Sony hints at speech recognition for the PlayStation 4 and the new PS4 Eye. According to a job description on LinkedIn, Sony is looking for an “Speech Recognition Engineering Intern”, who will help with development of speech recognition software for its upcoming games hardware.

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GribbleGrunger2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I hope so! I'm going to buy a PS4 and a 720 just so I can hear them talking to each other. That would be one interesting conversation! Would they get along? I wonder which one would have an algorithm break down first? ... *fight*

GameCents2161d ago

Software UI-wise, I peg PS4 to breakdown first. . .then again there's the blue screen of death.

Blackdeath_6632161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

agreed,... if the xbox managed to last long enough without overheating!

OT:i haven't considered the use of voice recognition in the ps4. i would like to say how it could be amazing and useful and it has a lot of possibilities but every other form of voice recognition i have found to be either utterly useless or a gimmick. i have never found the need to use Google's voice search nor has apple's siri been anything more than a nuisance to me. if anyone does use voice recognition and finds it useful i'd love to know how and when.

MasterCornholio2160d ago

Didnt Microsoft have a head start with defective hardware?


Donnieboi2161d ago

Talk to each other? I would rather use the voice recognition in games that utilize it. Imagine this: Playing an open world game (like GTA) and if u need a pay-and-spray, u just say it into the built-in mic that's in the ps4 controller, so u don't have to pause the game, go to map, find the pay and spray yourself, and set a way -point (which interupts game flow). Imagine just saying the locations name and the game automatically sets the way point to the nearest pay and spray. It's a long overdue concept, especially since real gps systems can do that too now. And with a mic being built into the controller, and a mini headset coming with the controller (for it's subsequent headphone jack) then I can see everyone enjoying this feature, without having to buy a new headset.

SpinalRemains2160d ago

Takes all the fun away!

Who wants to say "PS4.....rage quit"????
I'd much rather continue to throw my sixaxis at my girlfriend and storm out of the house.