Anticipating Sony Propaganda ...

Microsoft is always ready to dish at its rivals. Sony is about to have a big press event tomorrow where it will unveil its launch games for the PlayStation 3 and talk about its online network. So Microsoft put out these stats today, including the headline that Xbox Live has now grown to 4 million members. Here's the release.

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LiquifiedArt6253d ago

Those numbers are quite fudged. Prior articles state that only about 40% of 360 owners have live. Also 4million?? how only 6million on the "HIGH END" own a 360.. M$ is so lame.

ElementX6253d ago

People still can access XBox Live with the original Xbox.

beans6253d ago

Actually it was 60% not 40.

shortyNZ6253d ago

"I am a Software Engineer, I have a BS in Game Design and Development, and PS3 is my choice console"

sorry but i just read your past comments, and for somone that trys to sound smart, you say some stoopid stuff, go b!tch elsewhere

ronscrote6252d ago

Whats the BS mean? i'm guessing bullshit.
Besides, any knowledge you might have on the subject means absolutely nothing unless you have some experience working with the consoles. Considering how difficult it is to get on the development programmes and actually gain access to the dev kits and SDK's I doubt you know any more than the rest of us.

Bill Gates6253d ago

desperation and panic is slowly creeping up on M$.

"...but look at us we've got 4 million people on x box live"

Sony a year after launch
10,000,000 X $0.00 = $0.00 FREE ONLINE GAMING

xbox a year after launch
4,000,000 X $49.99 = $199,960,000.00


eques judicii6253d ago

10,000,000 X $0.00 server support = bad online service

zypher6253d ago

what i don't understand about this is that Microsoft is saying all this stuff as if it'll all change after Sony make their announcements tomorrow. XBox Live is great: let the service speak for itself. Sony's Ken and Kaz say stupid stuff all the time, but if its one thing i can say about Sony is that they don't let their the angst about the competition show the way Microsoft does.

shoota336253d ago

What can you expect MS is scared and they will try to say anything.

Marriot VP6252d ago

and your dumb enough to think that. Unlike Sony, Microsoft is intouch with their consumers.

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