Top 5 Xbox 360 Games For Kids

While the Xbox hasn’t traditionally been targeted to younger children, its popularity has made it a centerpiece for most home theater systems. Because of that the little rug rats often want to play with the toy.

Here is our Top 5 Xbox 360 Games For small kids.

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MkaY3044d ago

A good list and the games included are not something I'd consider expensive. Anyone else have better suggestions for Xbox 360 games for kids?

VforVideogames3044d ago

are they for you or your kids? trustme kids really love this games and try kinect party its fun for the whole family and best of all its free from xbox live subscribers.

MkaY3043d ago

For the kids but I don't mind enjoying them too. Thanks for the tip. I just might give it a go.

Snookies123044d ago

Black Ops II. Lol sorry, kidding, kidding...

Lego Harry Potter is actually pretty fun. Although the freaking collectibles are crazy... There are way too many, and being a perfectionist hurts with a game like that.

MkaY3044d ago

Yeah LEGO games in general are good choices. Having a blast also with Nintendo's latest LEGO exclusive.

It's just too bad that most good games for kids are for PS3 or Nintendo and not for Xbox 360.

jeffgoldwin3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Nintendo, but not so much ps3. Bout equal with xbox for kids games. Heck xbox and ps3 have like several hundred games for kids as it is. No way you'd ever play them all anyways.

Kinect does do well on kids games, hardcore...well no. So actually with Kinect Id say 360 holds the advantage for kids games over ps3. But meh w/e.

nigelp5203044d ago


Viva Pinata?
Beautiful Katamari?

Bigpappy3044d ago

He is talking very young kids, 2-7. Xbox live arcade has a huge library of these game, from bubble games to fish eating other fish and yeah all the Kinect stuff where they can jump around and yell at the TV (Moms love to see kids doing this. Dads to by the way).

nigelp5203044d ago

Ill replace Sesame Street Once Upon a monster with the lego game

FaSCoRP3044d ago

You can add Fantastic Petz for very young kids