Wii U is a 'Crap' Product, But That's Not Why It's Struggling

GenGAME writes: "Wii U is a “crap” product... but that isn’t its problem. The problem is that Wii U isn’t focused enough on making the kinds of waves that catch the interest of “crap” customers. Instead, Nintendo is... [acting] as if it’s ashamed of the Wii brand and wants to change its perception among hardcore gamers while somehow at the same expecting it to capture the same audience it did before, and no one’s falling for it."

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yeahokchief2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

My thoughts exactly TripC.

I like Nintendo. I want to see them continue to make games. That is why they must fail now.

Because they aren't making games. They're peddling crap hardware with non-existent games and expecting me to buy it just because.

This after they release advertising that insults me as a core gamer.

Yeah. They're gonna make games or they're gonna fail. Whatever they wanna do.

Personally I kinda hope they keep pushing this whole family focused nonsense some more. I'm already planning on buying a new pc and a Ps4. So if the Wii U goes the route of the dreamcast which is looking more and more like the case every day then i'll probably be able to just pick up a used wiiu or wii uber cheap to play the few games it had and toss it.

indysurfn2072d ago

blah blah blah another EA employee opens foot and inserts mouth! (OH YES I DIDN'T!)

Seriously, since it came from low class conniving business practice EA, it proves that Nintendo has some quality that EA wants to kill. So they can be lazy and not support 3 platforms again. But this time they want to kill it so they can have the sales to all customers. Now I'm really thinking of buying a wiiu for a holiday gift! Thanks EA!

yeahokchief2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

EA are douchebags. agreed. but nintendo also needs to learn who the customer is here.

3-4-52072d ago

So guy from one of the most hated companies is arrogant and people back him?

Why do people like arrogance and bragging ?

I know dumb people like that stuff.

Noicivamina2072d ago

The problem is that not enough games, but I hope they stop slacking when "microsoft" and "sony" launch the PS4 and durango/X730/Infinity project and make new games and use their best franchises.

legendoflex2072d ago

Well, "not enough games" is why it's not selling to "core Nintendo fans" (who need to be distinguished from "hardcore gamers"). Even without "enough games," it could still have a megaton seller or two if it were targeted correctly.

lilbroRx2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Nintendo fans are the original hardcore gamers. They are people who play games for quality and creativity, not specs and graphics. Those are graphics whores and fanboys, not hardcore gamers.

How much and how often you game determines how much of a gamer you are, not what you do it on.

Fakdafakinfakerz2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Sorry but the majority of us (the original Nintendo fans) has jumped ship when the PS1 came out (no regrets at all).

Reguzeeb2072d ago


You never really were a fan to begin with if you jumped ship as early as 1994.

rainslacker2072d ago

I learned long ago not to care so much about the console. Call me a fan of whatever system you wish, but to me it will always be about the games. All systems have their games that have quality and creativity, and those two aspects of the game are completely independent of specs and graphics.

In the end, my actual console preference comes down to which system offers the most games that I want to play, and Nintendo dropped that ball a long time ago.

Call me a traitor, not hardcore, not a fan, whatever. If Nintendo got their act together and was able to deliver like Sony can on a regular basis with both 1st AND 3rd party, I would possibly change my preference. 1st party alone is not enough to make me praise a system to no end, nor will I be ashamed for having "abandoned" them. To me they abandoned me first because they simply could not get with the times.

Tito082072d ago

@ Reguzeeb- Then tells us what's really a fan. I mean, there were PS fans that moved to Xbox, Sega fans that moved to Playstation. If it's those that encourages Nintendo's mistakes, buying & playing the same old-ass games for the past 25+ years ignoring good 3rd party games, no, these are fanboys. You're clearly a Nintendo fanboy, a fanboy is a total different beast from a fan, a fanboy is a puppet, meaning anything Nintendo does, whether is bad is a blessing, or if it's anything you hate a different company made, but if Nintendo does it, it's a megaton.

AdvanceWarsSgt2072d ago

@Tito How in the hell did you interpret that Reguzeeb was a fanboy? Because he likes Nintendo?

And judging by your post, its hilariously ironic that you of all people are calling anyone a fanboy.

The only person who got it right was rainslacker.

Tito082072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

@ AdvanceWarsSgt says someone with an username after a Nintendo game. Not saying you are a fanboy though, but I agree that Rainslacker elaborated a better example of what a fan should be like. I'm totally far from being an ignorant hypocrite telling someone they not a fan if they did this & that.

But Reguzeeb saying Fakdafakinfakerz wasn't a Nintendo fan if he jumped ship as early as 1994 sounds a lot like a fanboy to me, he was using an excuse to defend his company of choice, in which I bet it's yours as well judging by your username, that definitely says he was very defensive, it doesn't matter what year Fakda jumped ship, the fact is that he was one of those users that went to another console because their favorite console manufacturer wasn't being very supportive, there were plenty of former Nintendo users that went to Sega, there was a good reason Sega obtained 52% market share with the Genesis around before releasing the Saturn in 1994.

BTW, I'm not calling anyone a fanboy, I'm calling Reguzeeb a fanboy, get the memo.

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ABizzel12072d ago

The Wii U has one of the best line-ups of games for a 6 month old console ever.

New Supe Mario Bros. U
Nintendo Land
Zombi U
Monster Hunter Tri
Batman Arkham City
Assassin's Creed 3
Mass Effect 3
Darksiders 2
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Dragon Quest X
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Need for Speed Most Wanted

are all on the console now, it's just Nintendo fans aren't buying these games with the exception of NSMB U & Nintendo Land.

yugovega2072d ago

I have bought 8 of those games. and sonic racing and ninja gaiden

zeddy2072d ago

most of those games are multiplat and theres no major incentive to buy a wii u with the ps4 and new xbox around the corner. EA can be douches at times but im afraid they're right on this occasion.

ABizzel12072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )


I agree with EA as far as their business is concerned if you're not making money then you need to make a change or else you'll go out of business. I'm talking about the Wii U owners who complain there's nothing to play on the Wii U, ESPECIALLY those who only had a Wii.

Regardless if they're multiplats or not those are still great games, and if you didn't have a PS360 or PC then there are must buy games for Wii U owners, thus making a great line-up.

Compare that line-up to the Wii. First the first year I played Wii Sports, Wii Play (for the free controller), Zelda Twilight Princess (a Gamecube game with Wii controls), Excite Truck, and finally Metroid 3. For a complete 12 months, because there was NOTHING else good to play.

The Wii-U is just 6 months in and it already has 15+ great games, for those who weren't multi-console owners.

Myst2072d ago

I hate to say it but WiiU I don't really see as being something that would be prime for fighting games :/

rainslacker2072d ago

The line up is good, even if some are older games. But you can't deny that that 3 month break after launch without a single game launch was hurtful to them, and to those that purchased the system day one. Vague promises, few confirmed release dates, and "please be patient" isn't really helping either.

ABizzel12072d ago

To the 22 disagrees, what was the PS3, 360, Wii, PS2, Xbox, GC, Dreamcast, N64, PS1, SS, SNES, SG, NES launch titles and games for the first half of the launch year.

I seriously want to know. I remember the games from this generation of consoles (PS360Wii) and I remember from last-gen, and none of the consoles from those 2 generation had a 6 month launch that compares to what the Wii U has now.

Ol_G2072d ago

You're right i get the feeling for 90% here this is the first time experiencing a gen transition and they don't know how it has always been .
Makes me wonder how old or young they are

ProjectVulcan2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

The lineup would be good for any other console but there is some major flaws pointed out already in the list in this context.

It is the fact that a large amount of them are multiplatform, old multiplatform, and just as good if not better elsewhere on much cheaper machines to buy and own with much larger alternative game catalogues as well.

The incentive has to be made to buy the machine justify its purchase price, platform sellers, and very few of those games are actual big platform sellers either because they aren't particularly amazing, or that they are great but elsewhere for less.

Mass Effect 3 and Batman and AC3, they are huge sellers. But they wouldn't remotely motivate anyone who has a Ps3 or 360 to buy a Wii U. Maybe if they looked way better on Wii U, that would be an extra reason. Most of them just look and play practically the same however.

You have to tempt existing console owners into buying your new machine, with a new generation.

Sony and Microsoft have to do it with their new machines as well. They will get millions of sales on the basis of the hardware alone, the promise and potential they have made this performance leap and you can't get that with old hardware.

Wii U doesn't have that, so it has to work much harder.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2072d ago

sorry wiiU will only get current gen ports. Next gen game over.

McScroggz2072d ago

The problem is other than Injustic: Gods Among Us, which came out not too long ago, most of those multiplatform games have already been purchased by Wii U owners on other consoles. Without the benefit of already established 3rd party games, the Wii U's launch window didn't offer anything special other than Monster Hunter Tri if you're into that.

Not to say the launch was bad, but considering the Wii U's launch lineup was severly front-loaded I'd say it's turned out to be pretty disappointing. Of course, like I always say, it's predicated on whether you own JUST a Wii U or not. If I didn't have a PS3 and just a Wii U it wouldn't be as bad, ya know?

ABizzel12072d ago

"most of those multiplatform games have already been purchased by Wii U owners on other consoles."

You don't know that, there's no way to assume that EVERY Wii owner was a multi-console owner. At the end of the day these are franchises that have not been on a Nintendo console, regardless if it's multiplat or not.

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SpideySpeakz2072d ago

No one has time to hold Nintendo's hand.
We move on to bigger and better things.

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cleft52072d ago

No EA support? Now who will I buy my substandard ports from.

yugovega2072d ago

nearly 4 million isn't struggling that bad. if they continue at this rate and say the system stays out as long as the xb360 it would sell 64 million or so. that's about what the xbox sold if im not mistaken. 4 mill in 6 months x8years in case you didn't get the math.

legendoflex2072d ago

I think people forget that Wii U STILL has sold more units in the first six months (at least in the Americas) than PS3 did, despite a much, much worse economy and despite a massive monthly drop off after launch.

But they can't "continue at this rate." "At this rate" they'd probably make it to 20 million, not 60 million. Luckily, they're in similar shape to the 3DS in terms of current momentum, and it looks like things will pick up with about the same timing.

yugovega2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

holidays bring in sales. even at this rate they will hit over 5 mill by September or so. then the holiday rush will sell a couple million putting them right on track for 8 millon n a year.

edit: @ abizzel1
I was under estimating what he wiiu will sell duringthe holidays. with a 3d Mario, luigi u, Zelda and ssb, mariokart and retros(Metroid) coming soon after I hve a feeling they will be very close to 10 million by dec 31. and price wise isn't a difference. then the economy was much better. the ps3 had the new bluray tech that helped it sell also. wiiu will sell 60 million in it's lifetime. no lower then 50.

ABizzel12072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )


$299 & $349 Wii U vs. $499 & $599 PS3.


Technically the year will be up for Wii U before the holiday season finishes. Japan was the last major territory to get the console on December 8th.

DomceM2072d ago

and i think you forget that the two systems launched at astronomically different pricepoints. When you account for inflation you should realize just how much more expensive ps3 was back then than Wii u is now. Makes your comparison irrelevant.

Nintendo made so much money from Wii they got complacent and put out a mediocre product. Honestly, no one is asking PC quality graphics... But what they put out is so extremely underwhelming that anyone who has any tech knowledge knows to stay away. A tablet controller is not enough... People are expecting at least some SIGNIFICANT improvement of graphics over last gen, and Wii u isnt going to deliver that.

They need to put out some decent hardware for once.

yugovega2072d ago

graphics doesn't make the games as the wii showed last gen. people buy what is fun and has replay value. Nintendo could have photo realism and people would still hate on it.

brave27heart2072d ago

Fair point but the PS3 did have a disasterous launch. I should know I bought one. But I knew they'd come good so I accepted the bad start and the grief that was dished about online.

Nintendo will come good, what they need to realise is they wont be peoples first choice console. Im in the market for one of the new consoles this winter but the Wii U just isnt on my radar. However once the price goes down and there are more games for it I would consider it as a second console.

Ol_G2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

I think you need to realise that you only speak for yourself a lot of people are waiting for the mario3d zelda metroid mario kart and smash bros games and for parents Nintendo is still the number one choice

McScroggz2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

The launch between the Wii U and PS3 is apples to oranges. In fact, every launch is unique.

In 2005 the Xbox 360 launched and was a significant upgrade over the previous generation. Nearly a year later, the PS3 launched at a gaudy price of $599 US dollars. It was difficult to develop for, causing multiplatform games to look and run much worse on the console and 1st party games weren't flowing out for a while.

A generation of Nintendo fans played in a weird space between last generation and current generation in more than just graphics. There was little 3rd party support and terrible online. When stories and interviews about the Wii U emerged Nintendo made it clear they wanted to recapture the hardcore market they had abandoned. Those former Nintendo fans got excited. Nintendo was very hush about specs, so we only could speculate.

At the Wii U's launch, with some strong 3rd party support (if not a little late) and unknown specs, early adopters trusted Nintendo's plan to recapture the hardcore audience. However, eventually the specs of the Wii U surfaced only to find it woefully this generation, and for many there was little reason to buy a Wii U once it was shown to be in the same league as current gen consoles they already owned - especially since Nintendo didn't have good 3rd party relationships.

That's why the precipitous drop is so alarming. New, much more powerful consoles are just around the corner and both will have full 3rd party support. Sure, the Wii U sold more in its first 6 months than the PS3 but shouldn't it be selling more than the PS3 does now? There are around 80 million PS3's sold and only 4 million Wii U's, yet the PS3 regularly outsells the Wii U.

That's not to say the Wii U has no chance. But it must have some GREAT games and it MUST have a significant price cut, otherwise it doesn't stand a chance. From the SNES through the Game Cube Nintendo consoles have sold less and less. Clearly the Wii U doesn't have broad casual appeal of the Wii, so let's not just assume a new Mario and Zelda game will make the console sell. Both Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time came out for the N64, which sold only 33 million copies.

So yeah, in my opinion the Wii U's sales can't "continue at this rate."

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ABizzel12072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

There's a small problem with that logic. Those number are that high because systems usually sell the most during the holiday and at launch, both of which have just passed for Nintendo. A full year would be a better representation, because summer is about to hit, and that's when systems sell the worst, which NIntendo hasn't had yet.

But even then it's still flawed logic, because software, content, bundles, and price drops all help sell systems, and with time more of that will come.

legendoflex2072d ago

Nah, they don't sell highest at launch. Maybe during the first year, but they usually plateau in the third or fourth year.

ABizzel12072d ago

That's what I meant first year.

chronoforce2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

30,000 units a week is struggling and the sales are not close to 4 million units, its more like 3.3-3.5~ and considering over 2.5 million units were sold in the first 2 months in the remaining 4 months only about 1 million units has been sold.

Qrphe2072d ago

I don't know how you worked out your math but 20 million lifetime sales sounds good to you?

Hanso2072d ago

but the wii u was released to late this gen.
it wont come close to xbox numbers its not even next gen. Everyone is gonna buy a ps4 or nextbox
im afraid only Nitendo fans will care for wiiu.

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