Wii knocks Blu-ray backed PS3 out of top ten

A restock of Nintendo Co.'s Wii knocked Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 out of the top ten at on Wed. evening.

Wii held the No. 1 rank on Wed. following a restock that sold out immediately to customers.

The 40GB PS3 previously held in the No. 9 and 10 positions before landing in the No. 13 position in the Video Games division.

Wii product dominated the top ten best-sellers at Amazon this week, including Super Smash Bros. Brawl at No. 2, the Wii Remote at No. 4, and Mario Kart Wii at No. 9.

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sonarus3958d ago

does this site base everything off amazon? I mean it is not okay to post amazon as your source but if it is re routed through punch jump it is??.

Anyways sony should seriously considering re stocking that 80GB. It seems to be very attractive especially to more hardcore gamers. I still don't think BC is all that necessary i mean if you have ps2 games you most likely have a ps2. But it is a nice feature to have.

PStriple7033958d ago

and the 360 is not even in top 30....

Syko3958d ago

Phew...Thank god you said something, I was worried. What a relief.

doodle3958d ago

The PS3 is at no 18

The XBUG is at no 52

shame on these VIRAL MARKETERS

iAmPS33958d ago (Edited 3958d ago ) has CUSTOMERS REVIEWS.

The worst part is that XBOX 360 is 53rd and GameCube controller 56th =D

Storm233958d ago

Why does everyone want a Wii so much?

c-redz3958d ago

cuz wii want to play lol... i have no clue why millions of cronies are buying this system... its like riding a moped its all fun untill your friend sees you!!!!

Skaterboy Tell Em3958d ago

Nintindo are sitting back and laughing at the millions of idiots buying gamecubes with white paint on it oh i mean wii's. Its pretty sad that nintindo can sell basically the same console with a different controller.

Shortstop3958d ago


That is the best way to describe the wii, definitely. Never thought of that before but all the multiplatform games for it always seem to be a port of the PS2 version. The analysts/gamers were right to call it Gamecube 1.5, but it's still selling. Definitely the reason for the sales are hype though. My family has a Wii as well and it hasn't been played since we got it.

CrazzyMan3958d ago

first of all, wii is bought mainly by nintendo fans.
practically all GC owners already have Wii, well atleast in Japan and Europe. That`s why there is NO shortages in those regions.

While wii still have to catch GC numbers in USA. Not to mention of`course, that there some casual-nongamers, which also bought wii, but mostly thnx to hype.

If you think, that 120 mln. PS2 owners will jump to Wii just because of controls, then you are just insane.
I just wonder, when Wii numbers will reach GC numbers in all regions, how many casual non-gamers still will jump to Wii.

Wii has SMG, now getting SSBB and Wii Fit, soon will have Mario Kart. What next? Amazing 3rd party games? Sorry.

Things will be very interesting, by the end of the year, when PS3/x360 will cost 299$ in USA.

ChickeyCantor3958d ago

" If you think, that 120 mln. PS2 owners will jump to Wii just because of controls, then you are just insane"

if you think Ps2 owners will jump to PS3 because of SINGSTAR..eyetoy????...well you obviously don't see it wasn't the PS2 it self but a LOW PRICEEEE LEEEEET=D

Xbox360 already costs 200 Euro's here in the EU....and The Wii isn't damaged @ all. So nothing REALLY interesting going on.

The controller makes it EASIER for those who do not like the current Gamepad layout.
But this doesn't mean its all WAGGLE.

And Games are coming, yes also third party games.

Wii will sell, you either hate it or love it, but thats irrelevant ....its going to sell anyway Be afraid you Wiiphobe XD

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Meus Renaissance3958d ago

Amazon is not indicative of sales. The 360 rarely makes the Top 50 at times, but that doesn't mean SingStar on the PS2 sold more units does it now?

InYourMom3958d ago

and I totally agree. I hope the next time we see a "PS3 dominates in sales" and then a link to Punchjump showing Amazon sales number's everyone keeps this in mind.

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