Deadpool Never Shuts The Hell Up In Latest Gameplay Clip

GG3 gets the latest gameplay clip for that Deadpool game. One thing is for certain: Developer High Moon Studios will stay true to the comic's sharp wit and constant breaking of the 4th wall.

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DivineAssault 3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

i hope it turns out good.. I love deadpool & that wolverine movie butchered him but that was just a movie.. This looks really fun & i hope the controls compliment the visuals

Sandmano3603d ago

Looks much better than the first trailer also it kinda looks like a last gen game a good last gen game.

JohnApocalypse3603d ago

I think the game looks alright. At least you know they're not gonna need sell over 3.5 million copies

BoNeSaW233603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Sorry. Nolan North as Deadpool ruins this game for me.

All I hear is Drake and it takes away from the Character and Experience.

MidnytRain3602d ago

But this isn't his first time as Deadpool...

BoNeSaW233602d ago

I'm aware of that. I wish they would use John Kassir as Deadpool. He isn't a distraction to the experience and I think he does a better job with the character

I like Nolan North and he is a good voice actor. He has just become polarized as Nathan Drake to me. Hell, even my kids even picked him out as El Jefe in Sly:Thieves in Time and called him Tiger Drake.

Enigma_20993602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


I was gonna argue your point, but then you mentioned John Kassir. That's the only problem I have with Nolan's Deadpool.

So far the constant wisecracking is the only thing about this that's standing out to me. Then again, that was one of the main reason I enjoyed the Gex games.

Chris5583603d ago

Looks like a day 1 rent

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