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GR-UK writes: "We can interact with buildings, to learn about the history of the city and the individual properties, and what the people that dwell within are up to. They can be watched by surveillance cameras and, for example, we can steal their number plates to sell them later and unlock that type of car for our own use. In these houses you see everything from nice moments to disgusting things, like a guy who prefers relationships with life-size mannequins. Yikes...

As packed and overflowing with possibilities Watch Dogs may seem, there remain questions. How accurate and how clever will the integration of single player, multiplayer and mobile players be? Will the game fail by wanting too much at once? The linearity of the story in an open world game makes sense, but the game could also end up being fatally boring. Hack while driving and fleeing, making crossings appear to block pursuers, or opening garage doors, is nice once or twice. However, it will also repeat itself regularly. Repetition might be the biggest problem. With the smart phone in hand it feels powerful to scan other players and see their lives, but it might also become annoying quickly. We've a while to wait before we find out either way."

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