Q&A: Yoshi Ono On Bringing Back Street Fighter

Creating a new iteration in the Street Fighter franchise is no simple matter, with tough decisions to be made choosing an engine and the visual look.

Thus, in this in-depth interview Gamasutra talks to Yoshi Ono, general manager of the online game development department and R&D management group of Capcom about his thoughts on the process with Street Fighter IV - which is due for a 2008 Japanese arcade release before moving to home platforms.

Questions include the gap in returning to the much-loved series, the decision not to use Capcom's MT Framework engine utilized in Dead Rising, and the inspiration behind the game's intriguing-looking shaders.

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Yi-Long3954d ago

... I like it even more that they are bringing back the whole SF2 cast...

but there is still stuff that I do NOT like.

-Ryu looks too westernized, with blue(!) eyes, and a really bad hairdo.
-Ken just looks fugly.
-Viper doesnt seem very interesting
-I want Fei Long and Cammy dammit!

Other than that, it looks quite promising and fun, but come on people... RYU WITH BLUE EYES!? Wtf... -snif-

mintaro3954d ago

i dont know why but i have an urge to play marvel vs streetfighter.......

Enigma_20993954d ago

With all the re-releases of the [email protected] game, I wasn't aware it went anywhere!!!