Everything Wrong About Star Trek The Video Game

Now that Star Trek Into Darkness has been released in theaters this weekend in North America, now is the best time to reflect on the shoddy Star Trek The Video Game that came out last month.

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Panthers2163d ago

The fact that people are going associate it at all to the amazing movie is the thing most wrong with this game.

4Sh0w2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

This is what pisses me off the most, Star Trek has all the background story/characters/setting/weapo ns/enemies/everything to potentialy make 1 of the greatest game franchises ever yet this dev just seemingly threw some pixels together and made yet another terrible uninspired game just to make a quick buck during a time when there is a newly released movie. I have all the patience in the world when a dev is aiming for the stars but falls short, this on the other hand is just BS mis-use of a legendary piece of entertainment property by Digital Extremes.

ironfist922163d ago

One thing wrong about this game: It was made.