Can playing PC games help reduce smoking?

A new survey commissioned by RealNetworks found that "casual" games – you know, those downloadable try-before-you-buy puzzlers – might be good for kicking bad habits.

Based on their findings, RealNetworks suggests these fun and accessible computer games -- played by about 200 people each month -- might prove to be a healthier distraction and stress reliever than smoking.

This U.S.-based report says 4,537 RealGames casual gamers were surveyed, of which 84 percent were female and more than 75 percent were between the ages of 35 and 60.

The findings were as follows:

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Marceles3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

lol I doubt it...when I used to play Counter-Strike alot, most gamers stopped playing for a smoke break, but then again that isn't really "casual"

Fux4Bux3956d ago

Yeah something super stressful and nerve wrenching like CS would totally encourage it.
Playing WoW might help but that's really just trading one unhealthy addiction for another.

The_Dragon3956d ago

Depends on what your smoking???

cpuchess3956d ago

Must be true I am not smoking at all, of course I do tend to eat a lot of pizza

avacadosnorkel3956d ago

wants you to smoke the hog and they have tons of money for internal testing so odds are they know already if it will work or not.

But then again, they dropped the ball on the 360 with internal testing so please feel free...


sumfood4u3956d ago

People take smoke breaks like they where riding the Greyhound Bus!