Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review (Wii U, 3DS) | Nintendo Okie

Phil Stortzum of Nintendo Okie writes, "A series that has caught on like wildfire in Japan is Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. While its first two PlayStation 2 installments did not cause that much of a stir, it was when the series hit the PlayStation Portable that Monster Hunter soon became the juggernaut of a franchise in the Land of the Rising Sun. A lot has happened since then, the most notable of which is the series’ shift from Sony platforms to Nintendo ones. The latest in the series is an updated version of the Wii’s Monster Hunter Tri. It’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and quite frankly, it is the definitive Monster Hunter experience."

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LiberatedAnimal2168d ago

Yes!! Been debating what game to pickup. (not rich) lol This seals it. Can't wait!