Do You Want Crash and Spyro In PlayStation All-Stars? Activision “Hear You Loud and Clear”

PlayStation Euphoria: Ever since the release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale back in October, many fans of the brand have been craving to play as Spyro and Crash within the game. After 1000 tweets have been given to the company’s Twitter from the petition group, Activision have stated that they have heard us “loud and clear” in response to Twitter user, Gohan9812.

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Root2168d ago

Nice....but it's a bit late now

The games come and pass, this was only a thing which would of made the game seem more like an All Star game

-Ikon-2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Everyone missed the point.. A Spyro game cash-in is probably in the works.. Demand seems lukewarm for Spyro so Acti green lighted a Spyro game.. Even if its something like a psn/xbl title..

HmongAmerican2168d ago

More sale for them why not.

pr0t0typeknuckles2168d ago

Its to late now they had there chance and blew it,hopefully for the sequel they actually listen to the fans and maybe superbot if sony gives them another chance.

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ironfist922168d ago

I want a proper new Crash and Spyro game (maybe a game with both of them in it? would make for interesting co-op) but none of that skylanders bullshit.

Although who am I kidding, Activision only listens to money, not fans.

Williamson2168d ago

Just thinking about how Crash, Spyro, and Cloud could of made allstars a hit game.

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