Kazunori Yamauchi on Gran Turismo 6 Standard/Premium Cars, DLC, PlayStation 4, & More

Learn how GT6 addresses GT5's highly-criticized "standard cars".

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yewles12162d ago

So standards are still in, just lesser in number this time. At least he's honest about it...

ABizzel12162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

"Once players have played it all out and enjoyed themselves on the PS3, then the PS4 version might come out naturally around that time (laughs). Focus on enjoying the PS3 version."

Ooooh, please don't keep me waiting too long <dirty voice> <wink, wink> ;D

abzdine2162d ago

good interview with good info.
I really like the GT6 going social on other devices, it opens up the game to uncharted waters which is a nice improvement given that the driving and graphics are almost 1:1 with reality.

SolidStoner2161d ago

No you got it wrong, no standard cars from GT5, they remade all cars, but they created new standard for standard cars :) they will look better but will still have some limitations!!

"We won’t be making all the Standard cars from GT5 into Premium models, and we won’t make all of the GT5′s Standard cars fully “Premiumized”.

Up until now, we used to categorize them as Standard and Premium because there were functional differences between them: some of the Standard models might not have tuning parts, or couldn’t be used in Photo Mode. That will all be cleared so every model can be used in Photo Mode, and every car can have parts fitted for it.

In terms of graphics quality, the bad quality Standard models we’ve updated so they look better."

BABY-JEDI2161d ago

Super standard cars & mega premium cars. Can this get any better?

MikeMyers2161d ago

I'll just wait for the PS4 version. By that time the quirks and fixes will hopefully be patched in as well. I don't have a racing wheel for my PS3 and the PS4 controller sounds like it will be more responsive. I really enjoyed GT5 but the controller isn't that great. I might even splurge this time and wait for a proper driving wheel for the PS4.

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Tonester9252161d ago

How many cars is Drive Club going to have?

aaron58292162d ago

Ahhh... cant wait!! I really dont mind standard cars at all... as i use bumper view all the time...

I really hope they improved the ai though... the only time i can have fun racing in gt5 is arcade mode... with difficulty maxed out.. the cars wont stupidly lift off the throttle in the middle of a corner when you are close to it... PD really made the AI worse overtime with gt5.

Shuyin2162d ago

I get your point.
There's people like me, though, that care for them. People that almost exclusively use the ego-driver perspective. And I want decent interiors and not just pitch black surroundings :( ..
I'd rather take a smaller libary with premium cars than a huge one with many standard cars. I'm a diehard GT and PlayStation fan but I gotta give kudos to Forza for that aspect.

PygmelionHunter2161d ago

*Well said*

I don't care much for what the cars look on the outside, I mean, even standard models are getting a little more polish this time around. But, no cockpit view? That's a real turn-off. I can only hope they come up with something better than pitch black sorroundings...

showtimefolks2162d ago

IMO as a long time GT fan we really don't need the gimmick of 1200 cars. Give us 500 premium cars dully detailed where we have a lot to options to mess around With customization

Anyway his is a day one buy for sure

4 games which will get my business day one

Beyond 2 souls
Last of us


3 huge franchises launching in same time frame

Elwenil2161d ago

I sort of have to agree, especially when considering that there are dozens of Skylines that vary very little and don't really have any purpose other than just collecting them. There are a lot of redundant cars that I could stand to lose in favor of a more concentrated catalog of better detailed cars. I enjoy having a large number of cars to pick from but if it's still to the point that they all can't be up to the same detail, what's the point? Just my .02

showtimefolks2161d ago

i agree but my 6 disagrees seem like people want 1200 cars lol

nix2162d ago

please... PS4 please.

Gamer-402162d ago

Sad.....not all -1200- cars premium......:(

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