How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Gaming Powerhouse

Kotaku - Your Android phone isn't just for widgets, talking, Google Now and photos. It can also be one of the world's best gaming platforms, if you're willing to spend a little time on it.

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2165d ago
Jake_the_Dog2165d ago

Another quality article from shitaku.

Minato-Namikaze2165d ago

That moment when you can't tell if someone is trolling or actually that stupid.

sashimi2165d ago

Well its kotaku so its safe to say both applies

edgeofsins2165d ago

Some people are quite ignorant that it can play emulators of many classic consoles, including N64 and PS1. There are tons of good apps and games for Android. It's a very simple fact but still people pretend it is a ghost town. At least acknowledge that there are good games for people of other tastes. Obviously the platform doesn't cater to everyone.