Alan Wake 2, Gears of War 4, Respawn Exclusive, And More Xbox Reveal Predictions


The fellas over at Microsoft are gearing up for a major event on Tuesday when the company finally reveals its successor to the Xbox 360—heck, they've even constructed a massive tent to house the show—and I'm bursting at the seams with excitement. Will the new machine be a cable box replacement? Will it require a constant internet connection? What games (if any besides Call of Duty: Ghosts) will be shown?

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alexcosborn4019d ago

I know, right? American Nightmare simply wasn't enough!

shivvy244018d ago Show
omi25p4018d ago

Your My Mothers Crazy stalker?

Root4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

We need Alan Wake 2 but I hope it isn't like American Nightmare....it was too action packed for me like they were trying to turn the action dial up to 10 for a bigger audience, it just didn't suit the overall style of the game.

Alan Wake 2 needs to be slower, creepier, more suspense filled and scary.

Does anyone know if American Nightmare is part of the story? I just don't want to play Alan Wake 2 to find out I have to finish AN to understand what's going on.

BlmThug4018d ago

PGR5 and Forza 5 to complete my racingasm for this year :D

GT6, Forza 5, PGR5 and Driveclub would be a EPIC year!

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TrendyGamers4019d ago

I think a Halo teaser of some sort will be shown at the Xbox reveal or E3.

alexcosborn4019d ago

I sure would love that, though, I highly doubt we'll get one :(

Unless it is Halo 2 HD.

Rainstorm814018d ago

I think they should show off something new, it feels like every E3 theres a Halo teaser or Halo Gameplay demo.

I think they should hold back then WOW everyone with Halo 5 at next years E3

kneon4018d ago

That's just not true, they alternate between Gears and Halo :)

Bigpappy4018d ago

I know what you mean. Like Kill Zone and Mario right.

A new halo will lots of new adjustments would send Xbox fans wild. I might even start playing it again.

rick1woller4018d ago

Ide love to see Project Gotham with the management side of the Dreamcast version (known as MSR back then). I found it interesting and I dont know why they left it out of Xbox versions

dbjj120884019d ago

Can't wait to see the Respawn game.

Abdou234018d ago

If Respawn really wants to compete with COD, then an exclusive would kill them instantly.

Jek_Porkins4018d ago

They already said most the games wont be revealeduntil E3, that being said, I think we'll see a couple of exclusives, they will probably talk about what went into creating the machine, what their vision for it is, show us what it can do with games, sharing, apps and entertainment, then at the end reveal the console itself. That would save all the game surprises for E3.

FarCryLover1824018d ago

I really want to see Alan Wake 2 and I am intrigued about what the Respawn game will be like.

But please, I hope they don't show off Gears of War IV. The Gears franchise needs and deserves some time off.

nthstew4018d ago

i don't think there will be any gears of war 4 since they ended the story in gears 3 ... maybe another prequel perhaps

FarCryLover1824018d ago

I just meant another Gears game. Didn't really mean it'd literally be Gears IV, but you get my drift.