Consoles that won’t die: The Sega Dreamcast

Looking at the Dreamcast lineup for 2013, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Sega’s 15-year-old home video game system had never gone away. Of all the supposedly dead consoles, the Dreamcast is surely the one that looks most alive.

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FlyingFoxy2166d ago

Yes, ignorance like that is what actually killed off the DC.

darthv722166d ago

to see creative people still making games for older systems. DC is by far one of the best in the homebrew scene to work on.

NarooN2166d ago

PS2, the console that refused to die ever, lol. Amazing thing it was.

There are still communities out there who meet up every now and then to play DC games online. Pretty cool, really. A shame Sega decided to pull the plug; the DC was ahead of it's time.

V0LT2166d ago

The Dreamcast was really ahead of its time when it was released

FlyingFoxy2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Indeed it was, as good as most of the PS2 games graphically before it even came out. But of course people were ignorant of it because they were waiting for PS2 instead.

Great console for it's time, had a nice amount of power.. only thing it lacked a bit was storage space on the GD roms.

And it could emulate PS1 games better than the PS2 could! with Bleemcast i think.

V0LT2165d ago

It really was.. Throw in the online ablility, VMU, etc..

urwifeminder2166d ago

Ahh nice before that I was a n64 player when dreamcast died hello xbox.

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