BREAKING - Florida Supreme Court Sanctions Jack Thompson

Gamepolitics reports:

"The Florida Supreme Court will no longer accept anything directly from controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson. If Thompson wants to file with the Court, he's going to need to hire another lawyer to do it on his behalf.

That's the ruling handed down by the Court late this morning.

As GamePolitics reported last month, the Florida Supreme Court issued a show cause order demanding that Thompson explain why the sanction shouldn't be issued. Clearly, Thompson's multiple responses did nothing to change the collective mind of the Justices.

The order issued by the Court may be found here , and the following passages are quoted from it after the link:"

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BigBoy20004500d ago

Ha ha ha ha ha... 'tear' HA HA HA!!!

Finally, this jackass has been officially SHUT UP!!!


Ghoul4500d ago

Victory at last

now throw him into jail ...

Superiorrior4499d ago

Well... This just means he has to get an IDIOT Lawyer to help him file suit, which to be frank, thrown enough money at doesn't seem like it's all that hard.

snoop_dizzle4500d ago

this is awesome! All gamers rejoice!

jmare4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

This is a beautiful day for gamers. I wonder how long before he's on fox news crying about it.

EDIT: @ Snoop: I know, me too. Now let's have a moment of silence for poor, poor Jackie Boy's demise. And then go play some violent, "corrupting" videogames.

EDIT2: Also, I think it will be nice for once to have a post on here that everyone can agree about.

snoop_dizzle4500d ago

that would be it might actually happen.

that would put a smile on my face.

jmare4500d ago

Wow. I guess I was wrong. Even in news as good (for all gamers) as this, blind fanboyism will disagree just to disagree. That's pathetic.

Monchichi0254500d ago

I don't know to what, but i disagree with you. LOL I kid, I kid!!!

snoop_dizzle4500d ago

no there always seems to be a disagree with everything in every thread. I wonder what person would waste his time doing so though(and instead of commenting).....oh well who cares!

Ghoul4500d ago

well you have no chance to NOT get at least one disagree
even with statements like

The earth isn't Flat !

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Marceles4500d ago

lmao...he has to here another lawyer, pwned!

Marceles4500d ago

edit: oops "hire", not here

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The story is too old to be commented.