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I believe that anyone with a lifelong love of video games started that affair with a deeply memorable experience. Maybe you passed the controller back and forth playing Super Mario Bros. with your sibling, or your Nintendo 64 and Goldeneye 007 (and therefore you) dominated your college dorm. We make connections with games directly, emotionally, through our lives and the people around us, but my love for Nintendo came in the mailbox. When Donkey Kong Land was released in 1995, it didn't take long to wear the yellow out of the cartridge's case, but no matter how much I played the game, I couldn't find a K.

As in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, a handheld port of a console-remake, collecting all four letters to spell "KONG" in DK Land allows you to save your game after every level, but one K evaded my eager thumbs, decimating my stock of lives in subsequent plays. Thankfully, it was 1995 and there was such a thing as writing a letter, so that's what I did. I wrote to Nintendo and got a reply telling me where to find the precious collectable. While a few notable changes have made Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D even better than the Wii version, there's still no question that Retro Studios and Monster Games have evolved the experience I fell in love with on Game Boy.

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ftwrthtx4076d ago

Great review and a fun looking game

alexcosborn4076d ago

Glad to see the jump to handheld worked so nicely.


Top Ten Donkey Kong Games

Phil writes, "A few weeks ago was the 40th anniversary of Nintendo's main monkey, Nintendo's awesome ape, Nintendo's super simian: Donkey Kong. This Tuesday 10s focuses on the best of the banana bunch in the Donkey Kong series, from main games to spin-offs! It's a banana slamma' of games, so let's get to it."

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Levii_921082d ago

Tropical Freeze is way better than Country Returns and Dixie's whatever it's called. It's easily in top 3 DK games.

CosmicTurtle1082d ago

It did not place them in order, despite the article being described as a top ten.

Donkey Kong (94) is my preferred game on that list. I think the Rare Country games are pretty rough.

Metabeard1082d ago

My first reaction was... They made 10 Donkey Kong games?! Then I thought that must be every single one... then I checked the list and Donkey Kong 64 is not even on it. No wonder Nintendo won't make more 3D Donkey Kong. I really enjoyed tropical freeze but I am still waiting for the next 3D game. Its really the only thing I want from the series at this point. Also, I can't take Jungle beat seriously...


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Nintendo Selects 3DS titles discounted at Amazon

Several Nintendo Selects titles are on sale for $15 at Amazon right now. The deals include Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, and Star Fox 64 3D.

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