Pretentious Opinionist: Why Do Third Parties Hate Nintendo?

oprainfall writes: "Why is Nintendo getting passed over for multi-platform games, when Ubisoft and Activision have proven that it doesn’t take much to port Xbox 360 and PS3 games over to the console (see Assassin’s Creed III and Call of Duty Black Ops II)? Boiled down, why does it seem that third-parties hate Nintendo? It may just be my speculation, but I think that this hatred of Nintendo goes back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System."

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Gr812165d ago

Nintendo is not entirely dependent on them.

zeal0us2165d ago

I don't think it's that third parties(some not all) hate Nintendo, its more they don't want to put their product on their(Nintendo) system only to see it sale poorly.

darthv722165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

good point. Nintendo used to be more reliant on 3rd parties back in the NES and SNES days. But they have such a style of creating simple yet fun games that the others would try and make something that is graphically superior or more sophisticated and only have it pale in comparison to something like mario kart or mario party.

the association of mario and zelda and metroid are such strong brands that it makes it tough for any other game to compete on the same platform. People gravitate to what they are familiar with.

And while nintendo may not make serious sports games in the sense of madden or MLB, what they do have in the mario sports series is so outrageously unrealistic that it makes it more appealing from a straight up fun and entertaining POV.

EA could be making a mistake by trying to leverage their self worth against nintendo. Yet EA also has their hands in so many cookie jars that they may have enough pull to keep other 3rd parties away no matter how much they want to make a game on a nintendo system.

I just hope the proposed smaller indie stuff like 90's arcade racer still comes to wii-u. I really love the arcade feel of sega style racers and this games looks like an excellent tribute to those days.

3-4-52165d ago

Because Nintendo won't approve their crappy games.

Nintendo doesn't want 100 5/10 games on the Wii U.

They already are involved with enough shovelware....They have more good than bad games but a lot of the time 3rd party games are just cashing in on what is hot, and that isn't the Nintendo way really.

3rd Party dev's tend to not innovate and get creative sometimes.

Depends on the dev really.

IcyEyes2165d ago

"Because Nintendo won't approve their crappy games."

Better if you take a look at what was released over the Wii :(

guitarded772165d ago

That's total BS. The Wii was flooded with more shovelware than any other system of the time.

Also, I don't think 3rd party "hate" Nintendo. Nintendo has major support from Ubisoft and SEGA right now. Other 3rd party pubs like EA may not see the development investment worth wild right now.

The article says it's a "simple port" process, but the Wii U has Power PC architecture (if I remember correctly), so it's not just a straight port from any of the current systems. There is some money and time involved with porting, and if they haven't seen the install base yet, and/or sales they wanted with their titles at launch, of course they're gonna hold back.

No publisher should release games at a loss just so a console has a bigger catalog.

Sharius2165d ago

interesting... now tell me, what do you consider as "crappy game" is this base on your own opinion? your own taste?... if your answer is yes, then let's me point you to demon's soul

retrict how many game that devs can publish is completely wrong, devs have their right to show everyone their hardwork master piece, and it's up to consumers to decide if that game is interesting or crappy, they will bet with their own money

giving you the right to decide this matter just because you manufacturing the hardware is just pure ignorance and foolish

MasterCornholio2165d ago

Nintendo loves flooding their consoles with shovel ware.

Just look at the Wii which was the home of the worst crapware that gaming has ever seen.

Yup Nintendo loves garbage which is why they approve it.

Jokes aside anyone who wants to produce a terrible game for any console can do so as long as the game gets approved by the manufacturer and they pay the royalties and licenses.

3-4-52165d ago

It doesn't mean all crappy games and of course Nintendo has some of the worst games....The reason it was bad before was because they had strict standards compared to everyone else.

It's not like that anymore.

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IcyEyes2165d ago

Nintendo is all about Mario and Zelda.
There is no much room for the third parties.

Sure, a lot of hardcore gamer here loves game like Metroid, Fire emblem, Crystal Chronicles, etc but for most of the common gamers Nintedo = Mario and they don't care at all about other games.

PopRocks3592165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

It's not always a matter of bitterness. Sometimes the console simply doesn't fit the model. It's like asking "Why do some developers not make games on PCs/consoles?" Sometimes it's a matter of what works best for them.

With many of the developers not engaging with Wii U, it could be a combination of things; a fear that their games will not sell, the install base is not large enough or some are just put off by the hardware itself.

Frankly, I only imagine EA being outright bitter toward Nintendo. And YES, I'm aware the Origin thing was a rumor, but from where I stand that's better than the whole load of nothing that deniers have been spouting.

LOL_WUT2165d ago

Or better yet why doesn't Nintendo do something about it? If they have all the money to take a loss or two then why not invest in buying 3rd party support? Nintendo was expecting to have the same success as the Wii and boy did they find out that wasn't the case they got a little dose of reality. ;)

PopRocks3592165d ago

"Or better yet why doesn't Nintendo do something about it?"

I'm guessing you missed the news about Nintendo's multi-game deal with Sega?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2165d ago

Good Points


Iwata said before the WiiU launch that he did not expect the WiiU to sell as much as the Wii. (Even the sales projections reflect that).

But the retailers and analyst that thought WiiU was going to sinle-handedly boast the World Economy got a dose of reality.


Nintendo has said that they do not intend on "buying support"- but they do AID development, and they do Collaborations Ex. "SMT X FE", and do Publish Support.

The difference is that less money is spent and/or Nintendo can share in the profits.

CaptainN2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Hmmmm so getting Monster Hunter on Nintendo platforms, Dragon Quest series back, Bayonetta 2, Lego City Stories,Zombi-U console bundles, Wonderful 101, and now Sega making 3 exclusives with Sonic and well as Yakuza 1 & 2 HD versions isn't Nintendo trying then I'm confused !!! And and let's not forget the Fire Emblem crossover, or exclusive content in Tekken Tag 2 & Scribblenauts.....yea Nintendo doesn't try at all LOL.

animegamingnerd2165d ago

they have good relationships with Japanese 3rd party's like capcom, sega, namco bandai, and square enix but their west support needs a lot more improvement

McScroggz2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Honestly this is probably a more complex issue than I know, so I'm not going to pretend to fully know the answer. However, I think the root of the problem lies with Nintendo. Stay with me on this...

I think it all started when Nintendo decided to go with Phillips (I believe) instead of Sony to develop a CD-ROM peripheral for the SNES even though Sony had already started production on it. This spurred Sony to create the PSOne and try to crush Nintendo. In doing this, the ease of development for CD's and the other consoles using them lead third party developers to favor those consoles over Nintendo. The N64 still had some classic third party games (even exclusives) but because it was being outsold by so much while using a format becoming obsolete Nintendo relied too heavily on its 1st party studios.

That's where the real divide began. From the N64 on Nintendo games skewed more and more casual/family friendly while offering less and less mature games (read: NOT just violence and profanity). Nintendo, sticking with the same development principals since the NES, became more insular. Instead of the GameCube using the same DVD's the PS2 and Xbox would, instead Nintendo used their own format (modified DVD? I don't know).

Then the Wii came out and as an underpowered console built around a gimmick 3rd party developers had little incentive to port games to the console. With the Wii U it's the same mistake as the Wii, albeit not as egregious.

I tried to keep it kind of short, but my point is Nintendo has made little effort to bring 3rd party games to their consoles as well as failing to create an atmosphere where 3rd party games have a chance to thrive.

I mean, how many people say, "I only buy a Nintendo console to play Nintendo games."? Doesn't that pretty much sum up the problem right there?

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