Sony PSP: Half Use it as Their Music Player

In an annoucement of the latest firmware update for the Sony PSP, The PSP's Sr. Marketing Manager John Koller made an interesting statement on his blog. On it he says "More than 50 percent of PSP users listen to music on their system".

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Skerj3862d ago

I know I do when I'm out and about but only when I don't want to take it out to play a game.

BilI Gates3862d ago

So half use it for music, 40% use it for porn and the other 10% use it for games? That seems about right.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

Armyless3862d ago

Of the people that use their PSP for games, internet, movies, Remote Play and music, 50% like to use the PSP for AT LEAST music.

They're not mutually exlusive.

crck3862d ago

The psp fat was too bulky and heavy to carry around in a pocket so I had a seperate mp3 player. But once I upgraded to the slim I got rid of my Iriver.

Horny Melon3862d ago

Other than a few puzzle games I use it primarily for a music player. Wish they would have included a phone and camera.

CadDad3862d ago

Is one of those 6 Gig Archos Jukeboxes which weigh a lot and I got as a gift nearly a decade ago. It still works, but is pretty dated.

I now use the PSP as my MP3 player, but i'm not the typical portable MP3 player user. It works well for MP3's, but I wish the storage media was cheaper.


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The story is too old to be commented.