Upcoming PS4 Games List ,Updated 17-5-2013

Stay up to date with the last games announced for PS4 , till now we have 30 confirmed games .

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HyperBear2165d ago

Pretty good list there, eh?? :D

It's nice that the PS4 will have at least 4 exclsuive PS4-only titles when it launches plus numerous indie titles being released first on PS4. Things are lookin' great!

3-4-52165d ago

wow there are a lot of good games on that list. More than I thought there would be.

Well...potentially good games I guess.

Whitey2k2165d ago

They forgot to add watch dogs

BehindGames2165d ago

no it's in the list
number 9

Whitey2k2165d ago

And maybe the new starwars game aswell

Codey472165d ago

Sniper Elite 3 me wants
Forgive me if I'm wrong ....but I thought development of the Whore Of The Orient had been halted and the team had been had a 2015 release date originally.

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The story is too old to be commented.