Fresh New Screens for New Super Luigi

With the New Super Luigi U DLC coming this June, why not enjoy these screens to help pass the time? New Super Luigi U is also getting a physical release, and the box art can be seen in the article.

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N4g_null2165d ago

digital copy all the way. this game is way deeper than i expected.

christheredhead2165d ago

I like the approach to this. Nintendo has been faltering with the WiiU, but they are getting certain aspects right and this is one of them. Being able to pick up DLC as a stand alone is a huge plus in my book.

MNGamer-N2165d ago

I have to disagree. I'm a green box guy all the way. I'll have to wait a couple months for it and pay more, but I like the option.

PopRocks3592165d ago

Out of curiosity, do you have the original game? You'd be saving ten bucks if you got it digitally through NSMBU.

MNGamer-N2165d ago

Yep already got it. I just prefer physical media when possible. I love opening fresh new media for some reason and having the box art. kind of a collector thing I guess.

jcnba282165d ago

I want the green box too, I always go for physical over digital.

WeAreLegion2165d ago

Digital is great on the other consoles. Nintendo hasn't linked purchases to your account, however. So, I'm getting the physical copy.

N4g_null2165d ago

I have the original so I'll get the dlc as a standalone because I like not getting up... yes im getting lazy LOL.

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WeAreLegion2165d ago

As long as it's inspired, I'll get it. NSMBU was the worst 2D Mario since Super Mario Land. Ugh.

Getting the physical copy. Digital releases aren't tied to your account. If your system breaks, say goodbye.