Nintendo: This year is all about the games

Nintendo will be showing off games "for the people" later this year, according to Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils Aime.

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Axonometri2168d ago

Wow, I am shocked! Hardly anything we didn't already know. A couple. That is not going to cut it Nintendo. What are they doing? I want the Wii U to succeed, but this is getting really desperate now.

Rrobba2168d ago

They clearly stated in the begginning of the direct that this was just to show the games coming in the next 2-3 months. They will have another conference during E3 week where they will show future releases and all the games they announced in January (3D mario, smash bros, wind waker HD, monolith's RPG, Bayonetta 2, etc.)

-Mika-2167d ago

It still not going to be enough. They need third party.

brewin2167d ago


They have plenty of 3rd party. Ubi warner games square namco etc.

PopRocks3592168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

So... I'm guessing you knew about the Sega announcements? Or Super Luigi U's price? Or Wonderful 101's release date?

Come on, the big announcements are already slated for the E3 Directs. Calm down.

@Axonometri below

Why would they show something to excite fans before E3? It was announced eons ago that Nintendo was going to have E3 Nintendo Direct conferences. Obviously that's where the bigger announcements will be.

Axonometri2168d ago

I think my worry is warranted. They should have shown something more to excite fans now. A lot of attention is going to be directed to two other places at E3. There should have been more now.

D_RoyJenkins2168d ago

More like this year is about the games they don't have.

Codey472167d ago

Actions speak louder than words!

Yet more piss weak watered down gravy courtesy of Reggie Fils Aime!

chadboban2167d ago

Wait so what the hell were people expecting from this Nintendo Direct when Nintendo specifically stated that they would be showcasing Spring/Summer releases? Although the Sonic announcement was a bit of a surprise.

They also said that they'll be showing their unnannounced games at E3 time. Well it is a lot easier to kick a system while it's down so I don't expect people to quit bashing Vita and Wii U until E3 rolls around and they show what upcoming games they have.

exfatal2167d ago

Glad to see there's still some gamers with a bit of intelligence. and arent complete bias ass wholes. Well said+

animegamingnerd2167d ago

more people need to sadly read

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