New Super Luigi U release date revealed, will only be $20

New Super Luigi U will release on June 20th in North America.

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Jek_Porkins2162d ago

I'm going to get the retail release, even though I own NSMBU, I dig that Luigi cover art!

yugovega2162d ago

I agree. i'll pay the extra 10 for the green case.

deafdani2162d ago

Same here. The two month wait will be a bit painful, but I think I'm going to regret not having the awesome green case if I go the digital route.

Damn you, Nintendo. ;_;

PopRocks3592162d ago

$20? That's not bad for a full-length DLC expansion. I was honestly expecting $30.

silkrevolver2162d ago

If it's big enough to be a stand alone release, I think I'm excited.


PopRocks3592162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

It's the same amount of content as Super Mario Bros. U. So technically it's a second game inside of the first. You just now have the option to buy it separately. I'm personally going for the DLC since I have a feeling the disc could be priced differently.

Yup. I'll stick with the DLC. But the package version is a nice alternative for anyone who doesn't have the game I guess.

silkrevolver2162d ago

It is - Box = 30$
DLC = $20

And it comes out 2 months later as a packaged product