Digital Foundry- Face-Off: Metro: Last Light

EG:With the release of Metro: Last Light, developer 4A Games brings to the table the most technically dazzling game since Crysis 3 first graced our screens three months ago. Building on its in-house 4A Engine that debuted with cult hit Metro 2033, it's something of a technological wonder, with DirectX 11 features like tessellation, cutting-edge lighting effects and advanced PhysX realising its barren, Pripyat-inspired environments.

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Omegabalmung2033d ago

Would love to see Metro 2033 on the PS3.

Arai2033d ago

It will be coming to the PS4 as a bundle presumably with Last Light (4A Games confirmed in an interview).

So if you plan on buying a PS4 then you'll be in luck.
Gotta hand it to them, they did an amazing job for their first PS3 game.

With so many developers struggling in the past and churning out crappy ports, it goes to show how talented they are.

I highly recommend people to try out Last Light, it's a brilliant game.

sandman2242033d ago

Ps3 won in frame rate, but I noticed more screen tear on it as well.

windblowsagain2033d ago

I have the PC version.

Playing with an ATI card, at first the game runs pretty poor in a lot of area's. But after the PATCH my frame rate doubled.

This game is a way it's meant to be played, so NVidia has some investment in this, considering also it uses PhysX.

It's very playable now on ATI cards now.

If your thinking of buying, if you have a decent pc get that.

But it's.


vikingland12033d ago

I wonder how the xbox version runs with it installed to the HDD ? Digital foundry never installs the xbox version. They say the reason is because not all Xbox's have a HDD. But shouldn't they also do one with it installed to the HDD so we could see which version we want to buy?