Total War: Rome II Most Pre-ordered of the Series

Total War: Rome II has almost ran out of collector's edition.

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NYC_Gamer1981d ago

Total War games are pure quality

Letros1981d ago

Yes, it's easy to see how much Creative Assembly cares about their products.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Pre ordered mine from greenman with 25% off thanks to MD.

3-4-51981d ago

I can't wait for this game.

My most wanted game aside from 3D Mario, Mario Kart U & Super smash brothers 3DS.

Saryk1981d ago

I got's it and would love for a Steam beta addition!

Psychotica1981d ago

Yes I will pre-order it, about a day or two before release. No way I am giving them my money now..

stubbed_out1981d ago


It's worth double checking the policy on pre-ordering from the retailer in question. For example the one I'm using ( are selling it for a good price, there's no actual charge till the game is dispatched (the day or two before release), if the price fluctuates between now and then they'll charge me the cheapest price.

p.s. If anyone has ordered off and knows I've got this completely wrong please slap me in the face haha.


Not a big fan of pre-ordering (thanks Aliens: CM) but Creative Assembly are one of those guys that churn a lot of love into their products; met a few of them at a game show and have to admit they were very passionate about their products. Total War has never let me down, and Rome is definitely one of my favourite series of all of terms of hardware - worth upgrading a PC for.

Calm Down Sunshine1981d ago

Trying to hold out until pay-day for the collectors edition. Please ;_;

Ares84HU1981d ago

Wish that this could come to PS3.

ThanatosDMC1981d ago

Doubt PS3 can handle the game without losing quality. PS4 probably could though. My GTX 560m with an i7 would probably struggle to make it look as best that it can on 1080p with a minimum of 30fps.

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