Is Virtual Slowly Becoming A Reality?

David Treharne: I thought I’d write about something that’s caught my eye recently, something that attempts to succeed at new and interesting things, but without coming off as a gimmick – at least, not as it has done in the past –; Virtual Reality.

It’s no secret, our past attempts to enter the world of the virtual have been somewhat sluggish and lacking finesse. Recently however, Nintendo’s Wii gave a valiant effort into the arena, bringing something that was casual and approachable from a player perspective, even going so far as to introduce new players to the medium that might have given it a miss before. As for Microsoft’s attempt with the Kinect, it ultimately came across as something that had good intentions and even worked in theory, but due to its implementations, it gradually declined from the starting line onwards. As for Sony’s Move, it was a lot better than the how the Wii dealt with motion controls, and much more accurate in terms of measurements and latency. What let Sony down was the same area that affected the Kinect; lack of support with quality titles and poor execution overall.

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