Can Sony Regain Market Domination by Making Content its King?

Electronics giant Sony is attempting to reinvent itself as an entertainment company rather than a hardware manufacturer, through fusing content and products (MW last week).

But Sony faces challenges in managing this refocus within its sprawling empire. Its principal businesses cross electronics, film with Sony Picture Entertainment, games, music at Sony BMG and mobile with Sony Ericsson. It is also very late in the game for Sony, which faces multiple competitors across numerous markets, for example, Samsung, Nokia, Nintendo and Warner Bros to name a few.

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decapitator4492d ago

Yes. They will regain a significant chunk so far as they keep putting out quality products like the PSP and bring new innovations into the market.

Skerj4492d ago

That's what they need to do, having the best hardware in the world will be nothing without killer software to go with it. They already know this though, hence their stance on studio support on all fronts.

Genesis54492d ago

Will there certainly getting all the hardware in place. Now just the software and a bit of online tweaking and boom. Off they go.

TriggerHappy4492d ago

The king never left, they just had a bump thats all.

avacadosnorkel4492d ago


(video games are eletronics)

doodle4492d ago

PS3 will end up selling over 60 mnillion in 3/4/5 years time . It could even be 100 million considering the HIGH PURCHASING POWER of the europeans now

In USA /JAPAN too PS3 will regain all PS2 owners. I see PS3 selling more than PS2 in 5 years time . Not the other way round. Plus new markets will also emerge like ME,INDIA and CHINA and no one likes 360 in those regions

Gam714492d ago


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doodle4492d ago

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Gam714492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )


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