Kingdom Hearts Analysis: The Necessity of Original Content and Compelling Gameplay

For those of you who enjoy remembering your childhood memories and the awesome games you used to play, I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts. A friend recommended it to me, saying that it was THE classic of the sixth generation gaming. Now that I’m able to look back on playing Kingdom Hearts myself, I have to say that the game itself wasn’t that great. It has a major “cinematic” problem, and the gameplay suffers.

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TheLyonKing1982d ago

It's a great concept that meshes perfectly. The action rpg element is great and (even if some people are confused, regard some games as spin offs or just can't afford multiple devices) the story is top notch.

It's all these elements combined that makes it a fantastic game I play.


What he hates it because the story in the different worlds follow the movies plots, that was my favorite part. Also he thought it was too hard for a video game with disney characters, the only really hard part was fighting against Sephiroth.

Hopefully KH3 comes out for the PS4 with Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Robin Hood, Sword in the Stone, and Rescuers worlds...haha I can dream

HonestDragon1981d ago

"It has a major “cinematic” problem, and the gameplay suffers."

It is here that I realized I'm going to disagree majorly with the author on not only this, but many things he states. There are many moments in Kingdom Hearts where you can level grind or experiment with fighting. The story doesn't get in the way.

"Where the problems arise are the times when Sora opens his mouth. It’s here that most of what the game accomplished, in terms of making sure the character and player are one entity, is shattered. This is like a stab in the back to the player, telling him or her that they have no place in the story because they are controlling someone with a pre-set persona."

This is a problem for you? Okay, Sora was never fully meant to be a role playing character. The same could be easily said of other characters from open world and sandbox RPGs. Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson, Ezio Auditore, Frank West, Jason Grant, Cole McGrath, Rico Rodriguez, Link, Wei Shen, and Shulk are all prime examples of characters who are in these expansive, open worlds but are not meant to be representative of a player's personal connection. You are connected to these characters through the story and their personality.

If you want personal connection, you need to think of games like Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, and Dragon's Dogma in which they offer you deep customization and player choice in many situations.

"I’ve complained about lengthy introductions before, but this seems to be one of the worst; it’s enough to ruin the game for those who don’t like to be kept waiting to get to the core part of the story or gameplay."

So I guess Metal Gear Solid wouldn't be a favorite of yours?

"Then there’s the Disney element. About 80% of the plots of the worlds you visit and their related set pieces are ripped straight from old Disney movies. This is one of the biggest let downs I’ve ever seen in a video game..."

What do you expect from a Disney and Square Enix team up? Being able to live out the Disney movies, see what Heartless there were like, and fight the Disney villains are what made going to those worlds so great. Also, Kairi is a central character throughout the game as you see how Sora mentions her and see flashbacks of her. This made her all the more important to find.

Reading on, I see that the author nitpicks a lot about game difficulty, that there isn't variety in combat (even though you should to experiment with abilities and items), and seeing Donald and Goofy are useless party members (which I highly disagree with). These are issues taken to high extremes. Had he actually played Kingdom Hearts II, he would see that it was very refined in many ways, but he expressed he won't be bothering with it. The way I see it, he let himself stay blind because of the Disney themes and making assumptions that the creators made barely any effort with gameplay and story aspects. It's a shame considering that the Kingdom Hearts series has a lot going for it.