Hands-on: The Last of Us l TrustedReviews

By Stuart Andrews

It doesn't take much exposure to The Last of Us before you realise that Naughty Dog's game is more than just Uncharted meets The Road. Sure, you could call it an action-adventure, and there are elements of Uncharted in the cinematic presentation, the fluid in-game dialogue, the way your playable character, Joel, runs and climbs. Yet in its own way, this is the Uncharted developer's take on survival horror, though here survival means more than just conserving ammo to gun down zombies, while the horror is more in the game's bleak tone than in the usual sudden shocks and scares.

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ltachiUchiha1983d ago

Again closing comments are great. =]

"Even from this brief sample, it’s clear that Naughty Dog has something special here: a late bloom for the PS3 with PS4 just on the horizon. Based on the evidence, this is a dark, gritty, mature piece of work, and likely to be one of the most thrilling games this year."

I wish I had the effing game already geez lol.

Evil_Ryu1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

its better to wait and see instead of making outlandish claims like this game is gonna be game of the year it could very well be but it could also be a disappointment so i beg people to refrain from making such bold statements until you play the full game

Sandmano1982d ago

When the heck are they going to reveal the multiplayer!?

DigitalRaptor1982d ago

We're going to discover it ourselves or we're going to read about it in the reviews. Naughty Dog has no intention of letting the single player be overshadowed by the influx of new info regarding multiplayer.

ltachiUchiha1981d ago

Im not sure when they will show it but im definitely hyped for it.