The Last of Us Hands On l NZgamer

By Angus Deacon

I initially saw this game 11 months ago at E3, where Sony and Naughty Dog proudly showcased their survival-horror thriller off in front of a mesmerised crowd. I was part of the drooling masses and I’ve been eager to get my clammy meat-digits on it ever since.

This latest ‘sneak peak’ of The Last of Us, exclusive to media, finally gave me this opportunity. Shrouded in secrecy with strict embargoes, I can now reveal it contains two playable missions taking place in Lincoln and Pittsburgh (two of the American locales that appear at an unknown venture in the full game).

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ltachiUchiha2033d ago

Love the closing paragraph.

"The Last of Us demonstrates just how good survival-horror titles should be. Naughty Dog appear to have solved that perfect balance of action, storyline, great controls and horrific suspense. With the weeks counting down to the 14th June, it won’t be long now until we get to see if this game will be worth the wait. But my money is on ‘hell yes’ and we’ll be sure to bring you the full review soon."

Thats just for the demo, I wonder how they will react with the more polished full copy with awesome multiplayer? I bet it will be nothing but awesomeness.

starchild2032d ago

Naughty Dog are unstoppable. I love all of their games and I am sure TLOU will be no different.