Will The Last Of Us Multiplayer Take Co-op to New Heights?

TRG takes a look at the signs and ponders the potential for a game-changing co-op in Naughty Dog's secretive multiplayer.

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DigitalRaptor1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I think Naughty Dog wants to let us discover the multiplayer for ourselves and be surprised by it. Not to mention the story aspect of this game is paramount, so the emphasis has been wholly on the single player.

I'm expecting something off the wall and very in line with the survival aspect of the single player. I'm not expecting an Uncharted clone for multiplayer, just like TLoU campaign isn't an Uncharted clone. That would be lazy and this game is anything but lazy.

TRGMatt1979d ago

Agreed and that is why I have a strong sense that coop will be present, if not the main driving narrative of its multiplayer. I am eager to see it, especially since they've left is so cloaked in mystery and recent hype.