The Last Of Us: disappointing demo syndrome? (VG247 preview)

The Last of Us publisher Sony recently sent VG247′s Dave Cook a demo build. He genuinely didn’t enjoy it, but could see greatness forming. Was it just a bad demo, or is there cause for concern?

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ltachiUchiha1980d ago

It had to be the demo because every other preview seems to enjoy it.

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OmegaSlayer1980d ago

Dave is a good guy but liked DmC :p

ABizzel11980d ago

"and occasionally an encumbrance like Resident Evil 4′s Ashley"

Lies. Nothing can be compared to that mess of a section. I stopped playing for a while, because the b!^@# kept dying. I'd put her in a trash can, and her nosey @$$ would peek out and get caught. What's the point of being able to hide her if the infected check EVERYWHERE for her.

I went back and purposely let her get caught / killed hundreds of time, before finally getting serious and beating it.

morganfell1980d ago

Maybe it was just the player...

ABizzel11980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )



Why even be given the option to hide her, if the Infected already know where she's going to be. Your'e better off keeping her next to you.

I sat back and watched. I put her in the dumpster ran ahead killed everyone, and turned around and a randomly spawned group of infected were digging in the trash for her.

I started over and put her in the trash before they could even see me. Ran up to them, then ran back past the dumpster, and the AI dropped me from being their focus and started digging in the trash.

RE4 has the worst escort ever.

joab7771980d ago

I am sure there are some thinhs that we hav seen and done and at the end of a gen, we r growing very tired if a lot of things...that's why I am playing dark souls. But, I guarantee its one of the best games to come out in awhile. It will suffer from some stiff critique after it gets will b very similar to bioshock infinite

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ltachiUchiha1980d ago

"As an immense fan of the stealth genre, I’m all for being sneaky instead of going in guns blazing, but this felt weak compared to the likes of Mark of the Ninja or even Tenchu. Stealth is dependent on Joel slinking around cover in a low stoop and hurling bricks and bottles to confuse enemies, similarly to Rockstar’s Manhunt games."

What does he expect? Joel aint no damn ninja and hes not a typical stealth assassin like snake or sam, hes a regular person trying to survive. I know reviewers will nitpick on this awesome game but I dont care, as a fan of all naughty dog games from crash to jak to uncharted, I know they will deliver an awesome game.

andibandit1980d ago

He didn't expect anything, just gave his own opinion. Sounds to me like you expect everyone to love it.

Baka-akaB1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Except no , it's obvious he expected more , at least in the stealth departement , when he starts complaining that isnt like tenchu or actual stealth centric games . Well it never claimed to be .

If he isnt impressed , well it's his right . But with the amount of comparisons he's doing , sounds more like he just didnt get it or was expecting other things , instead of the game having concerning flaws and issues , at least thus far

LOL_WUT1980d ago

That makes it all more awesome IMO ;)

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Awesome_Gamer1980d ago


Silly excuses by a (most likely) a FPS fanatic.

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Bathyj1980d ago

You had me at similar to Manhunt.

ArchangelMike1980d ago

lol, my thoughts exactly :)

violents1980d ago

Manhunt was awesome, I wish they would make a ps3 version. I bought that game just for the fact that it was banned in 7 other countries for being too violent. And it was a freakin blast for the entire game.

Braid1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

It's not a surival horror game, as simple as that. Maybe the writer shouldn't have had unrealistic expectations and he could enjoy the demo.

It's not Silent Hill, not an open-world game, not a game which heavily depends on RPG elements. It has never been marketed that way, I don't know where some people got the impression from. It's just a TPS in a different shell, with amazing story-telling. If you adjust your expectations accordingly maybe you'll have no problems with the game at all, and enjoy it for what it is.

Bathyj1980d ago

its not really a tps either


Actually it is and isn't. TPS (the gameplay mechanic) is the only thing readily recognisable about this whole title. But it's indeed not a TPS (the gaming genre) as the objective isn't necessarily to hit the enemy.

This is one of those titles you can't simply define the genre based on gameplay. It's an action game that doesn't fit centrally in any sub-genre... It has shooter, survival horror and stealth in it, but not really centred in either. It's almost like the gameplay reflects the story premise: "whatever it takes...".

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