Sierra hardships expose dirty side of Activision Blizzard

Now that the news has hit regarding the rumored deep cuts coming from Activision to it's newly acquired Sierra, the author expresses regret over what could be the beginning of the end for an epic label, and how we're finally seeing the dark side of Activision Blizzard.

From the article: "I am sure that Activision Blizzard aren't so stupid as to scrap projects already close to release, like Ghostbusters and Prototype, but with regard to Sierra's creative and sometimes risky game making ideology, I'm going to miss that. I'm also going to miss meeting HAPPY Sierra employees at conferences and events. I don't want these people paranoid. I want them making great games."

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GamerSigma4495d ago

... if this keeps going. Oh who am I kidding... it already DOES suck. The industry is like TV and Radio now. ALl of the power consolidated into a couple of entities. That equals bad news for consumers, no matter which way you look at it.

JSA-Gamer4495d ago

These companies MUST do this sort of things or get wiped off the map. It's a sad side effect of advancing technology.

LGFreedom4495d ago

PLease. I totally try not to get all fanboy about publishers and developers... but this is both sad and expected. When Vivendi was acquired I knew Sierra's way of doing things (successfully) wouldn't jive with the way the super-ultra-mega publishers do their thing. They were a threat, one of the last.....


JSA-Gamer4495d ago

If Prototype and other Sierra properties don't do well... they'll go the way of Westwood and all of the other "storied" game devs of the past...