5 Sequels We Want To See Next-Gen

With the Next-Gen right around the corner a lot of us are still wondering what games will make it and which ones won't. This is our list of 5 games we think should see a sequel in the next generation.

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mcbrid551985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

No one wants a squeal to LA Noir, that game was trash!

CaptainCamper1984d ago

You sir are just plain wrong! :D

Relientk771985d ago

I definitely hope we get a sequel to Dishonored, frickin' love that game

derkasan1984d ago

Just more "Blink" in general would be great.

Dr Pepper1985d ago

Definitely looking forward to the next Dishonored game, I thought the first one was an awesome gaming experience (also really enjoyed the Knife of Dunwall DLC). I would also like to see Gun 2. It may be a long shot considering the last one was released at the end of last gen and I haven't heard anything about it since, but damn that was a cool game.

kirbyu1985d ago

Here's my idea for Banjo-Threeie:

Banjo wakes up and says he had a nightmare where him and Kazooie were driving around in custom built cars (haha)

It's than revealed Banjo's little sister has been lost since before the events of the 2nd game. They somehow find out that some bad guys have her hostage and are going to use her to revive Gruntilda. ending.

CaptainCamper1984d ago

Pumped for Sleeping Dogs 2, would be awesome

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