Going after the casual gamers is all the Wii U needs

The storm of gloom has been really rolling in on the Nintendo front as of late. Anyone who even marginally pays attention to the daily games news has undoubtedly read that Nintendo won’t be holding a major press conference at this year’s E3, and many are interpreting that as a sign of weakness. Additionally, there are the persistent rumours of more third party titles not releasing on the Wii U and that Wii U development kits are supposedly “collecting dust.”

There is rarely smoke without fire and so the great question is what has happened with the Wii U after its predecessor was oh-so-successful?

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DivineAssault 1983d ago

very true because without them, the wii u will sell no more than gamecube

-Mika-1983d ago

The casual market isn't the same as 2006. Plus Nintendo gimmick this time around is not that appealing to casuals. Microsoft pretty much has the casual market down. The kinect plus there advertising would destroy any chance of nintendo even trying that. I really don't know what nintendo could do. Their system just wouldn't be appealing to casuals or core compared to the ps4/720.

lilbroRx1983d ago

I suppose the PS4 and 720 do have better gimmicks now.

SilentNegotiator1983d ago

"Plus Nintendo gimmick this time around is not that appealing to casuals"

Agreed. No one is impressed with non-multitouch touchscreen in 2012/3. It doesn't wow or benefit non-gamers like the wiimote did. They would have been better off with improving the wiimote for Wii U or going with the new camera craze.

PopRocks3591983d ago


Okay, first of all, you just agreed with an obvious troll. Sharp as a whip buddy.

Also, loving the hypocrisy. The Vita's functionality is nearly identical to the Wii U gamepad, yet somehow it's not gimmicky at all to you.

allgamespc20121983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

speak for yourself son, i will get a wii u over a ps4 anytime. Its pc and wii u for me, i have absolutely no interest in PS4 or deadbox.

Its kind of annoying here to see so many fanboys on sonys side and yet they see nothing wrong with the vitas gimmicky stuff

SilentNegotiator1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

@Poprocks, obvious troll

When have I said Vita's (multitouch, unlike the outdated Wii U, BTW) screen wasn't a gimmick? I'm always hard on the Vita.

Mika might be an obvious troll, as I've pointed out on several occasions, but "she's" right on that ONE point, whether on purpose or not; there's nothing about the Wii U's gimmick that stands out.

badz1491982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

comparing a tablet controller to a full fledged gaming platform, Vita? are you guys really THAT desperate?

so, while we are at it, let me just say this; if Sony is going to deliver with the PS4, the Remote Play will allow all PS4 games to be played on Vita anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet connection. try that with a Wii U tablet controller...oh yeah, it CAN'T!

and based on this:

the casuals are already moving on to the smartphones and tablets, so NO, going for casuals will not do Nintendo any good!

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dedicatedtogamers1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

The problem with the Wii-U is that it wasn't designed to expand gaming, reach out to new gamers, and explore new gaming possibilities like the Wii was. At best, the Wii-U a console version of the DS or some sort of bizarre tablet/console hybrid. But the price-point is wrong, the type of games are wrong (they seem to be aimed at the Gamecube market, which makes zero sense), and the control scheme is wrong.

Wii became popular because it streamlined controls and leveled the playing field. It's why non-gaming grandmas could be their hardcore-gamer grandson at Wii Golf, because everyone was learning the controls together. But the WiiU tablet is far too complex. Not only does it have all the buttons of a normal gaming controller, but it also adds touch controls.

@ Mika

"The casual market isn't the same as 2006"

Yes it is. The casual market is the same as it was back in 1986. That's why the Wii was successful when it simply went back to what made the NES and SNES popular.

"Nintendo's gimmick this time around is not that appealing to casuals"

100% Agree.

"Microsoft pretty much has the casual market down"

100% disagree. There is no proof that Microsoft has a lockdown on the casual market. In regards to Kinect, all evidence points to the fact that Microsoft managed to grab a few bored former-Wii fans while also selling their peripheral to existing 360 owners. Kinect sales are all but stagnant right now. If anyone has a lockdown on the casuals, it would be Mr. Smartphone App Store.

SilentNegotiator1983d ago

"It's why non-gaming grandmas could be their hardcore-gamer grandson at Wii Golf, because everyone was learning the controls together"

My grandma has beaten me more times at bowling than I can count.

1983d ago
NYC_Gamer1983d ago

Nintendo might as well target the same crowd that made Wii successful

Ulf1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Umm.. the Wii was not successful past the first couple years. Do you guys not pay attention to the profits and stocks of companies like Nintendo? 4 years after the Wii's release, Nintendo was losing money, because:

(a) Casuals don't buy enough games, even if they buy consoles,

(b) Nintendo wasn't making as much money, per game, because casual games sell for less, and the retail cut is too deep to support that model in any serious manner,


(c) 3rd parties weren't making enough quality games for the Wii to keep it afloat, because they realized (a) and (b), and knew that rare few serious gamers were even present in the Wii ecosystem, and that they expected to pay less for quality games, to boot.

Hence, the early appearance of the Wii U, and shortened lifespan of the original Wii. The Wii TANKED after only 4 years. It was losing money hand over fist, because it was in EXACTLY the situation that this article thinks will "save" the Wii U.

The 3DS has literally saved Nintendo's hindquarters from the failure of the Wii, at this point. Yes, you can sell 100M consoles and still lose so much money that your console is actually a fail -- the Wii proved it, a couple years hence, now. The Wii U is literally an emergency patch for the failing Wii -- and its already fallen prey to the same errors.

On top of the original errors, casual gaming is the major market that has fallen to the iPad, and it's ilk!

The only thing that can save the Wii U, is a huge price cut, coupled with trimmed back licensing fees, to lure the 3rd parties bank into Wii U development. Even that is questionable -- who wants to spend money on making a game for hardware that is unique, and lacks the demographics you're trying to target?

insomnium21983d ago

I haven't been paying attention that much but shouldn't the Wii failing as you say be seen from financial statements? I have no idea how they brake down their numbers by platform or not but all I've been hearing is how successfull Wii is and was and how Nintendo got profit from each sold. It was supposed to print money ffs.

I'm not disagreeing on what you said I just wish for some concrete evidence for it if possible.

PigPen1983d ago

The first year and a half the Wii was sold out. The next year and a half the Wii sold exceptionally well. Then there was the sharp decline but enough to outsell both consoles. With the Wii's graphics adult games looked like a kids game like all the past Grand Theft Auto games now. I am glad Nintendo have Monolith Soft. Nintendo is to smart to buy exclusives. Nintendo has become bankers and need to spend some money on new IP instead of buildings. They need a few more Monolith Soft and that's a start to greatness.

busytoad1983d ago ShowReplies(2)
PigPen1983d ago

That is a stupid title. Nintendo should go after all gamers is what seems like that's what some is afraid of. Nintendo has the biggest franchises of all time. Mario is as popular as Micky. With the M rated games that I also play, Nintendo can do no wrong.

strigoi8141983d ago

But casual gamers are also confused if this is a new accessory for wii or a new system..

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