Ten Must Play Nintendo 3DS eShop Games

Mini Fortress writes:

"The Nintendo eShop, Nintendo’s online marketplace, has been live for nearly two years on the Nintendo 3DS. Over the past two years, Nintendo and third-party developers have released a lot of quality experiences that can only be had on the 3D handheld. While the Nintendo eShop is not exactly perfect yet, it is a great place to find games that cater to niche markets, and the mainstream, as well. Of course, gamers can also download retro games on the Virtual Console, or buy full-fledged retail titles, but that isn’t the focus for this article."

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Venoxn4g3674d ago

list needs:

Mighty switch force
Code of princess (europe)
nano assault EX
2 fast 4 gnomz
hydroadventure 2
hana samurai
liberation maiden

robparko3674d ago

Not necessarily, well, not if you're saving them for a second list ;)