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FTG Writes: It’s exhilarating when a game can pull you entirely into its world. Sparking emotions, creating connections with the characters, and putting you into the shoes of life or death scenarios, is something that we crave as gamers. However, it seems that we seldom get that experience. If it isn’t some sort of mechanic or game play issue that pulls us out of it, there is a writing, story, or just a believability factor that we just can’t get past. I think that something has come out now that is worth being thrust into with your lights off and your headphones cranked up. The next installment in the Metro series is finally out. Metro: Last Light is here to guide you through the darkness and into the burning radioactive luminance of a radioactive sky.

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Autodidactdystopia1984d ago

Wow read this article


"When 4A needed another dev kit, or high-end PC, or whatever, someone from 4A had to fly to the States and sneak it back to the Ukraine in a backpack lest it be "seized" at the border by thieving customs officials."

"There were no outlets in the Ukraine, and our only option was to pack a truck in Poland and try to find an "expediter" to help bribe its way down to Kiev."

"I truly enjoyed Far Cry 3, which deserved its great reviews. But how many times did Ubisoft Montreal lose power for hours or days during development?"

"All developers have deadlines, but I know of few that had to bring in construction generators to be able to work the weekend before final submission because an extra day meant missing shelf dates by weeks."

"Then 4A works in their parkas and struggles to keep their fingers warm in temperatures well below freezing."

"The only thing for which 4A is getting more credit than I think they deserve is the creativity behind the ever frightening, dark, post apocalyptic environment of the game. I've been in Kiev to visit the team, so I know they just stepped outside for reference."

"If 4A had been given a more competitive budget, in a saner environment, hadn't wasted a year-plus chasing the irrational requirement of THQ's original producers to fit multiplayer and co-op into the same deadline and budget(!), hadn't had to deal with the transition to a new publisher in the crucial few months before final, what could 4A have created?"


Sketchy_Galore1984d ago

It would actually be impressive if they had created something like The Walking dead: Survival instinct under those conditions. The fact that they created what looks like a decent game is amazing. No excuses from the creators of crappy games will ever be valid again.

Note - I say 'looks like a decent game' because I haven't picked it up yet but I will. Nothing can keep me from a grimy Russian post apocalyptic game.