The worst games ever

My Gaming - There are two types of “bad” games: those that most people hate, but there is always someone, somewhere who loved it; and then there are those that are unanimously hated by everyone.

Looking at the worst games ever, we’ve put together a list of games that were so drastically hated, they hit the bottom of the charts on Metacritic – and that says a lot.

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Magnus1978d ago

No Walking Dead Survival Instinct

ltachiUchiha1978d ago

Just thought that it sounded more like an opinion piece because to me just because reviewers may give a certain game bad reviews it does not mean that the game itself is bad. Ppl still enjoy them. A good example is the walking dead game that just released it had horrible reviews but it still sold very well & I know a couple of ppl who enjoyed it. Thats why i thought it sounded more like an opinion piece but im all open eyes for any mistakes i make so feel free to pm me if i make an error on a report. Its always good to learn more, thanx.